California Continuous Hinge Manufacturer

Continuous hinges are synonymous with what are called ‘piano’ hinges and are, more often than not, long in length to provide maximized, uniform support along the entire length of the object the hinge supports – this could include an entry door, desk top, cabinet door and thousands of other uses.

LaDeau Manufacturing offers robust, steel continuous hinges, aluminum continuous hinges, and stainless steel continuous hinges, which are crafted by the same equipment used to manufacture the ever-so precise MS20257 Mil-Spec hinges. Aircraft manufacturers around the world have placed their trust in LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinges for 70 years, and counting. LaDeau’s steel continuous hinges are proudly made in the USA of cold-rolled steel in an ISO-Certified environment. LaDeau’s aluminum continuous hinges, and stainless steel continuous hinges are Made in USA and made from American materials. Because of this, you can be assured our continuous hinges possess unsurpassed quality and strength. There is not a tougher, more reliable metal-stamped continuous hinge, anywhere!

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec continuous hinges are made to MS20257, MS20001, MS35821 – MS35831 and A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 specifications. We have 72” stock that comes in a multitude of materials and finishes; and any stock can be cut to length. LaDeau Manufacturing serves Original-Equipment manufacturers, both nationally and internationally, who depend on our continuous hinges to accommodate their precise and demanding needs.

LaDeau’s basic continuous hinges are designed to suit every-day solutions; and then there are our customized continuous hinges which are altered in a variety of ways to accommodate uncommon applications – modified lengths, widths, hole patterns, and forms include only a few types of changes continuous hinges undergo to tailor-fit any unusual need.

Providing our consumers with the absolute best continuous hinges on the market is our goal. We can accomplish this through the use of our Universal Press technology, which minimizes fabrication time, lessens down-time, optimizes repeatability and generates pin-point accuracy.


LaDeau Manufacturing remains a globally-recognized leader in continuous-hinge fabrication due to our:

*** Expertise – Back in 1946, our founders’ wartime service at Lockheed Corporation shifted gears to focus on the post-war aircraft industry. It was, then, that LaDeau Manufacturing set its sights on hinge assemblies for post-war aircraft; but increased customer requests led LaDeau Manufacturing into virtually all industries, nationally and around the world. To this day, marine, aerospace, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial and security industries rely on LaDeau’s 70 years of of fabrication experience. Our 70-year span of commitment to product excellence has not wavered and never will.

*** Quality – LaDeau’s ISO compliance translates into superior quality for every product made. Our manufacturing standards are based on our founders’ original commitment to apply stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military as well as commercial. LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified World-Class hinge manufacturer with a 99.8% consumer-acceptance rate. We are, also, independently certified by a number of clientele in the aerospace field.

*** Capabilities – Custom continuous hinges can feature non-traditional bends and hole diameters, unequal-sized lengths & widths, and unique combinations & configurations – the varieties of custom continuous hinges are limitless. LaDeau’s custom continuous hinges offer impressively-robust strength, alignment, and even-weight distribution. In-stock and customized continuous hinges come in a variety of material and finish options – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum.

Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating and much more. LaDeau’s manufacturing processes will deliver exactly what you want or need; and our team of technicians will see to it that we meet or exceed your expectations!

With more than 70 years in the hinge fabrication arena, LaDeau Manufacturing will remain a globally-recognized leader to fully meet the needs of our diverse customer base – industrial, aerospace, commercial and defense sectors around the world.

When it comes to any type of continuous hinge:

~ If you need it, we’ll have it! ~