California Piano Hinge Manufacturer

Piano hinges, also known as continuous hinges, are typically manufactured in longer lengths to provide optimal support along the entire length of the device the hinge supports. At LaDeau Manufacturing, our top-quality, steel piano hinges, stainless steel piano hinges, and aluminum piano hinges are fabricated by the same equipment used to manufacture the extremely-precise MS20257 Mil-Spec hinges. Aircraft manufacturers the world over, have trusted these Mil-Spec hinges from LaDeau for more than 70 years. LaDeau’s steel piano hinges are American made of cold-rolled steel in an ISO-Certified environment, ensuring top-tier quality and unsurpassed strength – you will not find a more durable, metal-stamped piano hinge, anywhere, on the world market! Additionally, LaDeau’s stainless steel piano hinges and aluminum piano hinges are made from American-sourced material, in addition to labor!

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec piano hinges are made to MS20257, MS20001, MS35821 – MS35831 and A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 specifications, with 72” stock available in a variety of materials and finishes. Also, any stock can be precisely cut to length. Original-Equipment manufacturers, both nationally and globally, rely on LaDeau’s piano hinges to serve their never-ending needs.

Then, there are our basic piano hinges intended to accommodate economical solutions as well as our customized piano hinges which include modified features – specific lengths, widths, hole patterns, forms and other detailing to tailor-fit any out-of-the-ordinary need.

LaDeau’s goal is to provide you with the best piano hinge you will find, anywhere, as well as save you time and money. Case in point: by utilizing our Universal Press technology, we better serve our consumers by minimizing fabrication time, reducing down-time, maximizing repeatability and creating pin-point accuracy.


As an unsurpassed world-leader in piano-hinge fabrication, LaDeau Manufacturing is known for its:

*** Expertise – It was in 1946 when our founders’ wartime service at Lockheed Corporation carried over to the post-war aircraft industry. At that time, LaDeau Manufacturing focused on hinge assemblies for post-war aircraft. Today, LaDeau serves virtually all industries nationally and around the world– marine, aerospace, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial and security venues rely on our decades of fabrication experience. Our unceasing commitment to product excellence, over the past 70 years, has never changed.

*** Quality – ISO compliance ensures unsurpassed quality in each and every product we make. Our manufacturing standards are based on our founders’ original commitment to apply stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial, alike. LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified World-Class hinge manufacturer with a 99.8% consumer-acceptance rate. Additionally, we are independently certified by a variety of aerospace clientele.

*** Capabilities – Bends, non-traditional hole diameters, dissimilar-sized hinge lengths & widths, and unique combinations & configurations come into play to create custom piano hinges of endless varieties. LaDeau’s custom piano hinges provide the highest caliber of strength, alignment, and even-weight distribution. Whether in-stock or customized, you can count on LaDeau for any type of piano hinge imaginable! Also, a varied array of material and finish options are available – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum.

Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating and so much more – whatever type of piano hinge you require, you can count on LaDeau’s robust manufacturing processes to fully meet or exceed your expectations!

Working with the right hinge manufacturer is the key to the optimized success of your project. Being more than 70 years strong, LaDeau Manufacturing will continue to take the lead and meet the needs of our diverse customer base – industrial, aerospace, commercial and defense sectors around the world.

When it comes to any type of piano hinge:

~ If you need it, we’ll have it! ~