California Spring-Loaded Hinge Supplier

Spring-loaded hinges provide added functionality any place where doors, lids, or panels are intended to be held open, on their own, and automatically return to their closed positions, or remain in the opened position. Spring-loaded hinges utilize an embedded spring in the hinge cylinder which allows for adaptive movements. The mechanism inside the hinge can be adjustable, allowing you to increase or decrease the tension. Spring-loaded hinges require a hex key or a tension lever to rotate the cylinder; and the hinge pin holds the hinge tension at the desired level. The energy exerted by a spring-hinge allows this type of hinge to do more than a standard hinge. It should be pointed out that the tension pin should not be moved more than three holes if a door swings 180 degrees or more, and should not be moved more than four holes if the door opens no more than 90 degrees.


LaDeau Supplies Any Type of Spring-Loaded Hinge

For more than 65 years, LaDeau Manufacturing has been a leading supplier of Made-In-The-USA hinges of all types- with varied finishing options, materials, and torques available. Due to LaDeau’s lengthy history with highly-reputable partners whose expertise lies in spring design and manufacturing, LaDeau is able to source standardized springs and highly-complex springs for any conceivable design you may have in mind. LaDeau supplies spring hinges that utilize torsion springs, extension springs and compression springs; and our customers, including OEM clients, can choose ready-made, as well as custom and specialty spring-loaded hinges that are specific to any application.

Don’t compromise the success of your project – LaDeau’s custom spring-loaded hinges are calculated to precisely cater to any project’s requirements, taking into account torque, weight and operating arc. Whether your needs are marine, commercial, industrial, aerospace, military or medical, LaDeau can modify length, width, pierce pattern, form, sway, imprint, emboss, trim, notch or lance.

When it comes to custom spring-loaded hinges, LaDeau can help you with considerations that could be overlooked, such as:

*** Will the spring hinge typically be opened or closed?
*** What amount of torque will be necessary?
*** What will the operating arc be?
*** Will embossing for the hinge be required in order to accommodate the spring legs?

These and other considerations can all be addressed by LaDeau’s professional team-members.

LaDeau Manufacturing supplies spring-loaded hinges made from steel, stainless steel, aluminum, brass, alloys & exotics, and DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation) compliant with finishes that range from plated, polished and powder-coated, to anodized, passivated, or brushed and more. All our spring-loaded hinges are fully assembled. Our manufacturing capabilities include, but are not limited to, the following:

*** Round-corner and square-corner Butt spring hinges
*** Double-acting spring hinges that swing in both directions
*** Invisible spring-hinges
*** Surface-mounted spring-hinges
*** Heavy-duty spring-hinges
*** Double-acting barrel spring hinges
*** Single-acting barrel, regular-action and reverse-action spring-hinges
*** Weld-on spring-hinges – and more!

Regardless of your project requirements, you can count on LaDeau Manufacturing to supply precisely- engineered and calculated solutions, via made-to-order spring hinges for industrial, aerospace, commercial and defense sectors around the globe. You can also count on LaDeau’s commitment to having the shortest lead time, anywhere!