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If you’re in need of a Mil-Spec heavy duty hinge manufacturer, you’ve come to the right place. Welcome to LaDeau Manufacturing! Our expertise goes back more than 70 years when our founders first worked with the Lockheed Corporation during WWII, manufacturing hinges for aircrafts. After the war, LaDeau Manufacturing established itself as our customers know and love it today.

While specializing in mil-spec hinges, LaDeau Manufacturing has created a legacy of creating top-tier hinges and hinge pins to serve critical needs in every industry imaginable. These precision-crafted, highly-specialized fasteners have become indispensable for commercial aircraft, armored personnel carriers, GPS satellites, Coast Guard patrol boats, infrastructure architecture, enclosures, and so much more. Our hinges and pins offer unsurpassed strength and durability as they carry out the most demanding roles within the most unforgiving environments!

LaDeau Manufacturing is ISO-9001:2015 Certified to Meet DOD Demands

The US Department of Defense presents highly-detailed quality clauses for their Mil-Spec hinge pin requisitions. With extreme precision, LaDeau meets these government-regulated guidelines regarding 1) procedures, processes, practices, and methods 2) technical requirements 3) design criteria and 4) material type and source. The US Government and aerospace OEMs depend on LaDeau’s quality and expertise, and our Texas clientele do as well!

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins are manufactured in the USA, in an ISO-9001:2015 certified environment, and made from American material.  This means our Texas customers can always expect full traceability, and all checks and balances to be in place to ensure unbeatable quality.

Customizing Mil-Spec Hinge Pins

Not finding exactly what you’re looking for? LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins can be modified endlessly, down to the tightest specs. From machining & turning, grinding, tapping, plating, passivation, knurling, flattening and more – our talented technicians can satisfy any customization request. Just ask! Whether your Mil-Spec hinge pins need to be removable/non-removable, Cad-plated, domestic, or whether they need to be a specific type, consider it done! Militarily-unique requests means militarily-superior hinge pins – and our Texas patrons reap the benefits!

Mil-Spec Hinge Pin Performance Standards

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins meet demanding operational requisites by providing:

* Compatibility & Interoperability – Mil-Spec hinge pins must be utilizable in a variety of interchangeable applications. Hinge pin interfaces need to work with existing products and possible future products without functional restrictions.

* Safety –Mil-Spec hinge pins must be designed with exceptional reliability to ensure the safety of operators of military vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

* Quality – Mil-Spec hinge pins must be designed with unquestioned superiority regarding materials, workmanship, and functionality as determined by the DOD.

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins effectively combat over-use, abuse, temperature extremes, saltwater infiltration, the introduction of chemical and industrial agents, and more. No matter how you use LaDeau hinge pins, they will stand the test of time, we guarantee it!

Mil-Spec Hinge Pin Specifications

Military agencies, non-defense government organizations, and a myriad of other industries request LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins made to various specifications including:

A-A-55486-1 through A-A-55486-5 specification in stainless steel w/passivated finish

MS20253-1 through MS20253-5 specification in stainless steel w/passivated finish

MS20253P1 through MS20253P5 specification in stainless steel w/cadmium-plated finish

MS27990-9A through MS27990-9E up to MS27990-16A through MS27990-16E specification in various materials including (A) aluminum, (B) brass, (C) stainless steel, (D) steel, and (E) bronze

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