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Hello, and welcome to LaDeau Manufacturing! If you have been searching for a custom hinge manufacturer and supplier, we’re glad you found us –your destination has been reached! We say that with confidence because we offer what our Washington patrons desire and expect – expertise, customer care, and competitive price points. Our mission and philosophy revolve around a customer centric mindset, which has been true throughout our 70+ year history.

From our clients in Washington to those along the Atlantic seaboard to those around the world, our custom hinges serve a myriad of applications. Marine, medical, military, and aerospace arenas represent only a portion of the various industries we proudly serve. We are laser-focused on ensuring our Washington customers receive their custom hinges in a timely manner to ensure their critical deadlines are met.

At LaDeau, we manage our supply-chain logistics with precision – like a fine-tuned engine. From customer requisitions to production to shipping, our goal is to meet and exceed the expectations of our Washington clientele. We place a priority on remaining astutely aware of our customers’ current and future requirements regarding their custom-hinge needs – your satisfaction is our success!

Customized Hinges for Customized Needs

Custom hinges are designed and destined for some of the most jaw-dropping applications.  Military exoskeleton armor suits, for example, utilize custom hinges that allow this type of technology to provide beyond-human strength and endurance.  In fact, Lockheed Martin is coordinating its efforts with developers to help design more advanced ‘superhuman’ soldiers who would be able to carry taxing loads over long distances, with minimal effort – customized hinges make it happen.

But its not just military missions that utilize custom hinges.  Infrastructure, for example, embeds double-hinged expansion joints in overpasses to keep high-rise/high-use structures from collapsing during earthquakes.  The medical field depends on custom hinges, too, allowing bionic knee braces to move and, thereby, store and release energy to increase walking, jogging, and running capabilities for those with knee or leg injuries – the list could go on regarding how custom hinges perform, so impressively, in so many ways!

Custom Hinge Manufacturing – Our Passion & Expertise!

We, at LaDeau, pride ourselves on the caliber of expertise we offer our Washington clientele. From design to development to delivery, LaDeau will ensure your custom hinges are efficiently and cost-effecticely manufactured – from the most elaborate modification down to the simplest detail – this is what we love to do!

As a custom hinge manufacturer, the LaDeau name is recognized locally, nationally, and globally. We are tapped into a world marketplace that relies on the supply of complex custom hinges and relies on them, desperately! Global demand for LaDeau’s custom hinge capabilities spurs our drive and our innovative spirit!

You can count on LaDeau’s:

* Expertise –It was in 1946 when our founders’ previous wartime service at Lockheed Corporation carried over to the post-war aircraft industry. This time in history allowed LaDeau Manufacturing to establish itself as an independent company. At that time, hinge assemblies for post-war aircraft became the focus.

As mentioned, LaDeau serves a myriad of industries – marine, aerospace, military, agricultural, commercial, medical, electronics, and security venues. They rely on our 70-plus years of expertise and our 100-plus years of combined experience. This is why, for example, Aerospace OEMs trust our talents and technologies to deliver precisely what they require.

* Quality – ISO compliance ensures the highest caliber of product quality, functionality and durability. Our manufacturing standards are based on our founders’ original commitment to apply the stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – mil-spec and commercial. LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified World-Class hinge manufacturer with a 99.8% customer-acceptance rate. Quality control means every hinge product, fully, aligns with our stringent inspections, assessments, and evaluations.

* Capabilities –Special notches, non-traditional hole diameters, modified hinge lengths & widths, shape & mounting alterations, and unique combinations & configurations come into play to create custom hinges of endless varieties. Special instructions for finishing, trimming, notching, lancing, imprinting, and more are realized thanks to our in-house technologies and our dedicated engineers. Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating – the list continues – everything you need is right here, under one roof.

The US Department of Defense and industrial, commercial, and manufacturing entities rely on the LaDeau name for superior quality and outstanding performance. After it’s all said and done, LaDeau’s factory-direct options allow us to increase savings and decrease lead times for our Washington patrons – fast, precise, dependable – that is who we are and how we operate!

Amazing Custom-Hinge Fact – Did You Know…

One of the heaviest custom-hinged doors in the world is located at the US Energy Department’s Neutron Test Facility in Livermore, California.  This behemoth – serving as a neutron fusion power shield – is 8 feet thick and nearly 12 feet wide.  It is filled with concrete which accounts for most of its weight of 97,000 pounds!  Thanks to the door’s customized-hinge components, which include special bearings, a single person can open and shut this gargantuan creation with astonishing ease!

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