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Heavy-duty hinges – talk about strength! These hinges are extremely durable and remarkably reliable under the most excruciating conditions. Heavy-duty hinges allow jets’ wing flaps to function; they are embedded in Special Operations All-Terrain Vehicles; they allow movement of the massive iron gates in front of London’s Buckingham Palace, and some fire-rated heavy-duty hinges can withstand fire conditions up to 3 hours. Whether one is talking about aeronautics, the military, agriculture, security venues, or construction, it is heavy-duty hinges that take on heavy-duty expectations – and it is, here, where you will find hinges with the LaDeau name!

Standard hinges simply cannot tolerate the weight, temperature, and wear-and-tear extremes heavy-duty hinges are designed for. With that being said, however, not all applications that require heavy-duty hinges must rise the occasion of meeting the operational demands of satellites, planes, trains, and military vehicles. More-common items, such as front-entrance doors, security gates, shipping containers, etc. are prime candidates for heavy-duty hinges, as well. LaDeau has been supplying heavy duty hinges to Ohio, the birthplace of our founder, since 1946.

Heavy-Duty Hinges – One of LaDeau’s Specialty Itemsrk

Do you require a manufacturer for hinges that offer exceptional strength? If so, you can count on Ladeau Manufacturing to manufacture the hinges and hardware to meet your needs. For decades, we have fabricated and supplied a wide array of heavy-duty hinges for companies and industries – locally in Ohio, nationally, and globally. And whether our hinges have been in the form of ball-bearing butt hinges, invisible hinges, piano hinges, continuous hinges, strap hinges, weld-on hinges, and others, our products continue to keep the world moving – quite literally!

Customization: And when it comes to customizing heavy-duty hinges, specific requests are met with absolute preciseness and efficiency. At LaDeau Manufacturing, hinge customization is a big part of our daily operations. Do you need heavy-duty hinge modifications that include altered lengths, widths, pierce patterns, or forms? – consider it done! Need alterations with painting, plating, trimming, or notching? – not a problem! Whatever type of hinge customization is called for, it all boils down to making sure you receive exactly what your need calls for – down to the smallest detail!

Our Experience is our Success

Our extensive manufacturing arsenal and the versatility of our proprietary Universal tooling system translates into Ohio customers benefiting from shorter lead times, quick turn around, and competitive price points. We have the materials you need – domestic stainless steel, steel, domestic aluminum, or exotic metals – and we offer the experience you want – more than 70 years of history revolving around dedication, evolution, and cutting-edge technologies. All of this has positioned us as a leading heavy-duty hinge manufacturer on the world stage where our passion for quality and integrity has not changed since 1946.

At LaDeau, your hinges are manufactured in an ISO-certified environment, and Made in USA. As an ISO-9001:2015 world-class manufacturer, strict quality control equals uncompromising product dependability. With a customer-acceptance rate that exceeds 99.5% and leveraging well over 100 years of combined experience, there is only one thing left to say: give our team a call! We’ll manufacture precisely what you need!

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