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Welcome to LaDeau Manufacturing – your Home for Hinges! At LaDeau, hinges and hinge hardware are our business – our only business. Since 1946, our company has manufactured and supplied hinge products, of all types – locally to Pennsylvania, nationally, and globally. However, if there is one hinge that can take a severe beating and be ready to take on more abuse it would be our hinges of the ‘heavy-duty’ variety. Their ‘super-hero’ strength and robust reliability set them apart from standard hinges. You might say heavy-duty hinges are the cream of the crop!

You will find heavy-duty hinges embedded in iron gates, shipping containers, military vehicles, trucks, machinery, GPS satellites, radiation-blast doors, and other hard-core applications. You name it, venues and industries of all types rely on heavy-duty hinges with the LaDeau name. As a heavy-duty hinge manufacturer, we don’t just supply hinges, we supply a caliber of integrity where customer care, quality control, and competitive pricing define who we are and how we operate.

LaDeau’s Heavy-Duty Hinges – Keeping the World Moving

Are you in need of heavy-duty hinges for a project, design, or a professional endeavor? From livestock gates and garages to home construction and infrastructure, LaDeau can manufacture the types of heavy-duty hinges your project demands. We routinely manufacture extremely strong hinges in the thickest gauges available. Other hinge types – invisible hinges, piano, continuous, strap, take-apart, butt, weld-on hinges, and many others are available with the click of your mouse at www.ladeau.com – just let our team know which types of heavy-duty hinges you need, or send us your drawing!

Customization: As a heavy-duty hinge manufacturer, hinge customization is all in a day’s work. Your specific requests will be met with efficiency and precision. Are you in need of heavy-duty hinge modifications that alter lengths, widths, pierce patterns, or forms? – you got it! Do you need alterations with painting, trimming, or notching? – not a problem! Your hinge customization requests will be meticulously met – down to the smallest detail!

More than Seven Decades of Experience

At Ladeau Manufacturing, we are customer-centric – we have been, for more than 70 years. Since 1946, our customers have come first – that kind of mindset defines our company culture and the strategies we employ. Our goal is to always generate 100% customer satisfaction, and we accomplish that via our extensive manufacturing arsenal and the versatility of our proprietary Universal tooling system. This allows our customers to enjoy shorter lead times, quick turn around, and competitive price points – actionable outcomes that keep our patrons’ needs continually met.

From the materials we use – stainless steel, steel, aluminum, and exotic metals – to our customer-acceptance rate of more than 99.5%, to the utilization of cutting-edge technologies, LaDeau’s position as a leading heavy-duty hinge manufacturer on the world stage is testimony to our loyal patrons – the lifeblood of our success.

At LaDeau, our hinges are manufactured in the USA, in an ISO-certified environment. As an ISO-9001:2015 world-class manufacturer, our consumers are assured of strict quality control which translates into uncompromising product dependability. We leverage well over 100 years of combined experience with seasoned expertise behind every product we make!

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