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Hello, you have reached LaDeau Manufacturing – a longstanding manufacturer of custom hinge designs!  Whether you’re an aerospace distributor looking for a manufacturer of your customer’s hinge designs, or whether you represent the US Department of Defense requisitioning custom hinges for Apache helicopters, LaDeau is your one-stop custom hinge manufacturer!

LaDeau offers its Washington customers decades, upon decades, of expertise in the custom hinge manufacturing arena.  We supply hinges to nearly every industry, including the military, automotive, security, aerospace, infrastructure, agriculture, electronics, and medical – all, of which, require customized hinges for highly-specialized needs.  It could be energy-transfer hinges that conduct current to electric locks at security venues or water-proof/pressure-proof/corrosion-proof hinges used in drilling rigs on off-shore oil platforms – the applications will vary, but the dependability of the hinges manufactured by LaDeau never will.  The bottom line is:  if you can design it, we can make it!

Our experience, capabilities, and versatility has enabled us to manufacture millions of custom hinges that are relied upon throughout the world.  LaDeau’s expertise spans more than 70 years, and we leverage well over 100 years of combined experience!  These are only a few reasons why Aerospace OEMs, for example, place their continued faith in our hinge products.

We’re All About Aggressive Oversight, Best Practices, and ISO 

At LaDeau Manufacturing, we employ meticulous quality-control where benchmarks for continual testing for product caibre are a constant.  We embrace best practices, as established in this niche industry, by maintaining a lean ISO 9001:2015-certified environment.  This means our Washington clientele receive, precisely, what they want, how they want it, and when they want it!  It is our customers who continue to promote the integrity and dependability associated with hinges made by LaDeau – they are the lifeblood of our success!

At LaDeau Manufacturing, our Washington customers continue to benefit from our:

* Expertise – It was in 1946 when our founders’ prior wartime service at Lockheed Corporation carried over into the post-war aircraft industry.  It was, then, that LaDeau Manufacturing emerged as a sovereign entity.  At that time, hinge assemblies for post-war aircraft became LaDeau’s primary focus.  Today, LaDeau serves industries locally, nationally, and globally which rely on our insight, skill-sets, relationships, and technologies.  We are proud of our history of 70+ years, and we leverage well over 100 years of combined experience.

* Quality – ISO compliance ensures the utmost product-quality.  Our manufacturing standards are based on our founders’ original commitment to apply the stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial.  Due to quality standards remaining ‘Job 1’, we have earned a 99.8% consumer-acceptance rate.  Additionally, we are independently certified by a variety of aerospace clientele.

* Capabilities – Special notches, non-traditional hole diameters, modified hinge lengths & widths, shape & mounting options, and unique combinations & configurations come into play to manufacture custom hinges of mind-boggling varieties.  Specialty clauses that highlight custom requirements for material spec., material origin, special finishing processes – the list goes on – are met with meticulous precision.  Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to anodizing to cad-plating and so much more.

Our factory-direct shipping means our Washington customers can enjoy increased savings and decreased lead times!

Hinge Customization – From Vision to Reality

Hinge customization encompasses endless ideas that are ear-tagged for endless possibilities.  One striking example would include aerospace hinges that morph from one shape to another in order to accommodate the effects of zero gravity and/or unfathomable heat or cold within the unforgiving cosmos– this would, perhaps, be the epitome of customized hinges that perform mind-boggling roles!

On a more conventional level, does your local, national, or global project require custom spring hinges?  If so, LaDeau partners with select, precision spring manufacturers, enabling control through all phases of production.  How about custom continuous hinges?  LaDeau’s custom continuous hinges provide the highest caliber of strength, alignment, and even-weight distribution  – whatever your custom-hinge requirements might be, LaDeau has you covered!

From your consumer product assembly to your industrial product to infantry electronics to GPS satellites, LaDeau Manufacturing proudly continues its critical role as a custom hinge manufacturer recognized the world, over.  Our company’s culture, collaboration, capabilities, and cutting-edge technologies allow us to fabricate hinges destined for the outer reaches of space to under the seas and every other location, in-between!

Fun Custom-Hinge Fact

One of the heaviest custom-hinged doors in the world is located at the US Energy Department’s Neutron Test Facility in Livermore, California.  The colossal structure – serving as a neutron fusion power shield – is 8 feet thick and almost 12 feet wide.  The door is filled with concrete which accounts for the astonishing weight of 97,000 pounds!

Due to the door’s customized hinge components which include special bearings, a single person can move the monstrous door back and forth with remarkable ease!

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