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At Ladeau Manufacturing, we fabricate Butt hinges in a vast array of styles, ranging from very simple designs to those with great degrees of complexity.  Butt hinges are extremely useful in a wide variety of applications and can be recessed or surface-mounted.

What are Butt Hinges?

Butt hinges are the most common and the most popular type of hinge and could qualify as the simplest hinge option, as well.  Typically, Butt hinges will duplicate the appearance of a continuous hinge with the exception of its smaller size that can fit in your hand.

It is common to cut longer piano hinge stock into shorter pieces that result in the Butt hinge variety.  More often than not, a Butt hinge will be about 6 inches in length, or shorter.  The width and length of Butt hinges are, usually, equal to one another or are of a similar size-scale.

Butt hinges are designed with two rectangular metal plates or ‘leaves’ that are often joined, via a pin or rod.  They can be manufactured with ball bearings instead of a central pin; and the pin can be designed so it is not removable when exposed to the outside, providing enhanced security.

NRPs, or non-removable pin hinges, have an embedded screw located in the barrel that is accessible only if the door is swung open.  This added safety feature would prevent a potential intruder from removing the hinge pin and, then, the door itself.  For sheds that might house costly tools or equipment, NRP Butt hinges are the perfect solution.

Butt hinges secure two independent, parallel parts in close proximity to each other – in this case, the side edge of a door to the adjacent door frame, providing up to 180 degree mobility.  When the door is closed, the leaves ‘butt’ together, with only the pin being exposed.

Ladeau Manufacturing fabricates Butt hinges in Aluminum, Stainless Steel or Steel.  These items are available with or without holes or removable pins.  Virtually any modification or finish can be achieved to accommodate an endless variety of specifications and applications.

Applications for Butt Hinges

The general purpose of Butt hinges is for use on interior and exterior doors, in addition to items with lids and panels.  When made from stainless steel, Butt hinges easily withstand harsh, corrosive environments and have a reputation for sustaining heavy weight requirements.

It becomes obvious that Butt hinges are the ‘go-to’ hinge for all types of doors and compartments whether residential or commercial.  They are used in:

  • Marine
  • Industrial
  • Aircraft
  • Military, or medical applications

Butt hinges are so relied upon they are, virtually, worth their weight in gold.  Lockers, storage compartments, kitchen and bath cabinets, gun cabinets and drop-leaf tables represent only a handful of thousands of items that utilize this invaluable mechanism.  Stainless steel Butt hinges can, also, be used on window projects that incorporate casement, round-top or trapezoid windows.

Butt hinges can be counted on for many years of maintenance-free operation as well as providing a very neat appearance.

For heavier doors, architectural Butt hinges are used since they are thicker and of a much higher quality than traditional residential-grade Butt hinges.

Most residential Butt hinges are designed for doors between 1 ¼ inch and 1 ¾ inch thick; and commercial-grade Butt hinges cater to doors more than 1 ¾ inch thick.

Different types of Butt hinges offer varied uses:

  • Plain-bearing:  Ideal for the movement of any type of interior, standard-weight doors with low-usage applications
  • Ball-bearing:  Great choice for any heavy doors with high-usage applications and doors equipped with door closures.  Since the ball bearings minimize friction, doors that once squeaked will become a thing of the past.
  • Concealed-bearing:  This is a good option for standard-weight doors that will experience medium-usage applications.
  • Spring:  Spring Butt hinges are synonymous with ‘self-closing hinges’ or ‘adjustable spring hinges’.  This style provides a wonderful solution for standard to moderate-weight doors that you desire to close, automatically, behind you such as a door that leads from your home’s interior, to the garage.
  • Rising:  Rising Butt hinges are problem solvers since they will lift the door, ever so slightly, as it opens.  The door will have no gap at the bottom when closed, but the rising hinge will allow the bottom of the door to bypass thick carpet or other thicker flooring, with ease.
  • Electric:  Electric Butt hinges are just that – electrified – and they permit a low-voltage current to travel from the door-frame leaf to the door-side leaf of a standard, architectural-grade hinge.  This set-up is used when electric features such as electric locks, alarms, and access-control devices are in place.  Prisons, detention centers, or guarded residences or businesses utilize electric Butt hinges.

No hinge is more utilized than the many varieties of Butt hinges.  It’s simplicity is a distinct advantage; and interestingly, this hinge type was commonly used in ancient Rome.

Butt Hinges

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