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Any type of hinge that connects two objects makes it possible for the movement or rotation between those two objects.  Without hinges to perform countless functions, our world would simply not be the same. The applications of hinges can range from something as mundane as hinges on doors or lockers to hinge designs used for solar-array panels and space exploration vehicles.  Each type of hinge is designed for a distinct purpose which takes into account the hinge’s style, size, strength and the type of material used during fabrication.

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What are Piano Hinges?

The term ‘piano hinge’ is synonymous with ‘continuous hinge‘.  The piano hinge was originally developed and intended for piano use, exclusively.  Through it, the tops of pianos gained the ability to fold backwards.  As time passed, it became evident this type of hinge was an ideal candidate for a myriad of other uses, though the term ‘piano hinge’ remained.

Piano hinges often run the entire length of the objects they serve; and they offer a clean, seamless display.  This hinge-type usually has narrow leaves and can possess multiple screw holes or none, at all.  At Ladeau Manufacturing, we fabricate this type of hinge in standard 6-foot lengths, and longer.  We, also, fabricate Piano/Continuous hinges in shorter lengths to accommodate the many applications that rely on them.  We, also, offer many thicknesses, pin diameters, and widths in addition to customized designs.

Our piano hinges are fabricated from aluminum, stainless steel, steel, or brass; and specialized finishes can be achieved via zinc plating, paint and other plating options.  We offer thin, light-weight piano hinges, as well as extremely heavy-duty varieties to meet the most demanding needs.

Hinges are designed to be tremendously strong – eight or more times stronger than the job, for which, they are intended.  Piano/Continuous hinges are easy to install, are very affordable, and are virtually indestructible.  When specific applications demand impressive strength coupled with aesthetics, Piano/Continuous hinges, ideally, meet those requirements.

What are the Applications for Piano Hinges?

Piano hinges can be modified for virtually limitless uses.  The scope of applications covers the gamut from slot machines to aeronautics to the automotive arena, to folding office walls.  The industries or applications of Piano/Continuous hinges include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Cabinets, storage boxes & outdoor sheds
  • Aluminum shower doors
  • Display booths
  • Security deposit boxes
  • Money-counter machines
  • Trailers/campers/mobile homes
  • Waste containers
  • Casino and arcade machines
  • Agriculture, construction and airline equipment
  • Large ocean vessels/sail boats (salt, rust and water-proof)
  • Car and truck bodies
  • Appliances
  • Laboratory equipment … and so much more!

Being hung up on hinges is understandable when one realizes this simplistic piece of hardware has managed to revolutionize almost every area of our lives – from how we construct and use our homes to allowing jumbo-jets to cruise at altitudes of 35,000 feet.  Piano/Continuous hinges are inconspicuous but ever-present!

Piano Hinges

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