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Mil-Spec Hinge Pins

MS20253 Hinge Pins


Stainless steel hinge pins made to MS20253 specification, available in passivated or Cad-plated finish. Quickly cut from stock to any length required. Also available longer than stock length when needed. Append ‘L’ to end of part number for additional finish of Solid Film Lubricant.Full MS20253 Specs.

MS20253 Hinge Pins

Example Part Numbers:

MS20253-2-7200 = Stainless Steel hinge pin, 0.089 in diameter, 72.00 in long, Passivated

MS20253P1-625L = Stainless Steel hinge pin, 0.062 in diameter, 6.25 in long, Cad plated with Solid Film Lubricant

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