Mil-Spec Hinges

MS20001 Hinges


Continuous extruded Aluminum (2024 T3511) hinges made to MS20001 specification. 72″ stock is available unfinished (-), anodized (P), and finished with chemical surface treatment (C). Stock can be cut to length, and otherwise modified quickly to your request. Type X and Y half hinges can be made from Type H stock. Full MS20001 Specs.

MS20001 Hinges
MS20001 Hinges

Example Part Numbers:
MS20001-4-1200 = Complete Aluminum hinge, no finish, 1.500 in wide by 12.00 in long with Cad-plated Stainless Steel pin

MS20001PH2-3600 = Type H half hinge, anodized Aluminum, 1.062 in open width by 36.00 in long; no pin

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