Mil-Spec Hinges

MS20257 Hinges


Continuous hinges made to MS20257 specification. 72″ stock is available in DFAR compliant 5052-H34 Aluminum (-), anodized Aluminum (P) and 304 2B Annealed Stainless Steel (C). Aluminum hinges are fitted with Cadmium plated Stainless Steel MS20253 pins, and Stainless Steel hinges are fitted with passivated Stainless Steel MS20253 pins. Stock can be cut to length, and otherwise modified quickly to your request. Type X and Y half hinges can be made from Type H stock. Full MS20257 Specs.

MS20257 Hinges
MS20257 Hinges

Example Part Numbers:
MS20257-2-800 = Complete Aluminum hinge, no finish, 1.0625 in wide by 8.00 in long with Cad-plated Stainless Steel pin

MS20257C5-7200 = Complete Stainless Steel hinge, no finish, 2.00 in wide by 72.00 in long with passivated Stainless Steel pin

MS20257XP4-350 = Type X half hinge, Aluminum with anodize finish, 1.50 in wide by 3.50 in long; no pin

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