Hinges and the Military

Hinges have been in use for many thousands of years; and during days of old, military applications for the hinge were vital in order to overpower one’s foe.  Case in point:  It was the Greeks who were the brainchild behind one war machine in particular called the catapult, which is considered the forerunner to modernized artillery.  Catapults varied in design and could be regarded today as medieval sniper rifles, so to speak.  As man’s creativity advanced, so did the complexity of catapults; and advancements such as catapults equipped with hinged levers pressed against bronze compression springs allowed for increased power and propulsion, striking fear into the hearts of adversarial recipients.


Military mechanisms involving artillery technology have evolved exponentially, and the use of hinges in military applications has continued unabated.


Here is a brief overview of how hinges continue to play a crucial role in military endeavors every day, in virtually every corner of the globe.


Interlocking Case Hinges

During military maneuvers, immediately-accessible equipment is vital to ensure the support and success of any military endeavor, especially when opposing forces are close at hand.  In these instances, military equipment failure is not an option which is why specialized equipment such as scopes, optic gear, weapons, medical supplies, tablet computers, and other electronics must be protected at all cost.  Specialized protection of military gear is accomplished via the use of edge-to-edge crush-proof, water-tight hard-cases.  Protective cases of military-caliber can withstand the harshest, wettest, hottest and most-brutal environments; and they must utilize only the most robust of hinges specifically fabricated for extreme military use – interlocking case hinges.  It is these hinges that ensure lids of cases and mobile medical chests maintain optimized air-tightness and water-tightness performance so valuable military components always reach their destination, unscathed, and ready at a moment’s notice.  Like the protective cases onto which they are embedded, the reinforced, crush-proof- interior-locking case hinges must overcome punishing demands and perform, uncompromisingly, in any environment.


Heavy-duty Precision Door Hinges

Heavy-duty, precision door hinges are designed for use on thick steel-lined doors and panels attached to armored, military vehicles where loading and access doors must operate, on a dime. Heavy-duty door hinges are unmatched for their proven performance in variable operating and environmental conditions as well as being able to take on immense, load-bearing capabilities – all this, thanks to precise thrust bearings that easily combat the aggressive nature of the application.


Heavy-duty, precision door hinges, usually, come with two leaves and a central knuckle which allow for a maximum radial load-bearing capacity of between 4,000 and 25,000 pounds!  This hinge design is impressively strong, to say the least; and when used on military vehicles, can easily withstand heavy shocks and constant vibrations.  Additionally, due to specialized grease shields, military door hinges are ensured a long life since harsh chemicals, solutions and a variety of other contaminants are kept at bay.   Heavy-duty weld-on hinges possess excellent load-bearing properties, as well, and are commonly used in armored military vehicles of all types.


The hinge is, probably, the most important invention since the wheel!  Can you imagine how our military would function without them?  In fact, without various types of hinges that are used in countless ways in every industrialized society, much of what we do or use every day would come to a screeching halt.