Industrial Hinges – Their Many Uses

Industrial hinges are used in settings where hinge strength is crucial.  Industrial-grade hinges cater to demanding environments where weight, stress and high-frequency-usage is placed on a hinge joint.  Available in a wide variety of styles and materials, industrial hinges take on many designs including strap, concealed, pivot, spring, weld-on, butt, and more.  As mentioned, these hinges cater to heavy-duty applications – steel vault doors, ATM machines, wrought-iron gates, and farm machinery to name only a few.  A bolt-on gorilla hinge, for example, is one type of industrial hinge made for installations where a post or frame would be flush with a gate or door.  A single pair of these hinges can be rated for up to 3,000 pounds.


Industrial hinges are used extensively in the aerospace industry, medicine, marine environments, agriculture, the military, and other specialized applications.  As one might guess, industrial hinges are not intended for typical consumption by everyday users.  More specifically, industrial hinges are designed for…


… HOSPITAL and research environments that utilize heavy, lead-lined doors associated with radiation shielding, as well as vault doors and doors used for neutron shielding and nuclear testing.  One interesting industrial-hinge application involves R-D robots which rapidly disinfect hospital rooms.  These robots use UV light to destroy pathogens associated with hospital-acquired infections.  Then, there are TUG robots which move heavy loads, bio-material, medical supplies, and meals, as well as make on-demand or prescheduled deliveries to any location in a hospital environment.  Efficiency and safety is greatly increased in medical settings since industrial hinges allow for the movement of TUGs and R-D robots to perform the duties they were designed to do!


… SECURITY applications at petroleum and natural gas facilities.  Here, many security gates and interior and exterior doors are designed with electrified hinges.  Some industrial, electrified hinges are 8 times the UL requirement of most products on the market for the everyday consumer, and are UL10C listed for use on fire-rated doors and frames.


… SHIPPING containers involving domestic and international travel of imported and exported manufactured products.  Thousands of these containers can be stacked on a single ship; and they must be incredibly strong and robust, and so must the hinges that keep them sealed!  Industrial hinges allow for the movement of the containers’ heavy doors, and are constructed with needle bearings and a thrust bearing which permits these massive doors to be moved with surprising ease.


… AGRICULTURE containment solutions that include heavy gates and doors which control the movement of livestock at commercial facilities.  It would be remiss not to mention the myriad of agriculture-related equipment such as tractors, rotary tillers, plows, etc which would not be able to operate without the assistance of industrial hinges.


… MILITARY venues in every corner of the globe where one will find armored vehicles, personnel carriers, armored doors for secured areas, and gun turrets.  A myriad of other types of military-related equipment must withstand the harshest, hottest, wettest and most-brutal landscapes where failure is not an option – scopes, optic gear, weapons, medical supplies, etc. keep operating thanks to industrial hinges specifically designed and fabricated for extreme military use.

Industrial hinges meet critical, aggressive, and merciless demands.  Optimized strength, stability and endurance is of prime importance; and industrial hinges ensure all those expectations are met, every day of every year, nonstop!


At Ladeau Manufacturing, almost 100% of our manufactured hinges fall under the category of ‘industrial’.