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Hello, you have reached LaDeau Manufacturing! If you knew that LaDeau Manufacturing ranks as a world-leader in hinge manufacturing, would that make a difference to you?  Or, if you knew that our company’s history spans more than a whopping 7 decades, would that be meaningful?  We, at LaDeau, realize that industrial buyers place critical importance on the quality and dependability of any product they purchase, and we are here to offer both those attributes and more.  Whether you need in-stock hinges or hinges that are customized, we have exactly what you are looking for!

Hinges with the LaDeau name offer impressive strength and reliability for any type of application, ranging from telecommunications to military-aircraft operations, to space exploration.  Manufactured hinges are extraordinary, just like ‘hinge joints’ found in the human body – they permit the movement of gadgets, machinery, tools, and systems so they can, fully, operate. If there were an ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award for movement solutions, hinges would be recognized as the #1 recipient, right along with the wheel.

Even though LaDeau fabricates industrial and aerospace hinges, our specialty is customizing hinges and hinge pins down to the smallest detail where no room for error is the standard.  Original Equipment Manufacturers and other specialized consumers around the world often require customized hinges to meet unusual applications. They trust the LaDeau name, our expertise, our history, and our products, all manufactured in an ISO-Certified environment.


With more than 70 years behind us, LaDeau Manufacturing’s innovative methodologies, skilled technicians, quality control, and efficiency of operations remain unsurpassed.  Your industrial and aerospace hinge requirements might be simple or complex, stocked or customized, miniature or heavy-duty, but whatever your need, LaDeau Manufacturing is Your Home for Hinges!

LaDeau’s Aerospace Hinges

LaDeau’s aerospace hinges must meet very strict quality-control standards.  The utmost priority is placed on our hinges’ caliber of strength and durability.  That is of prime importance since excruciating demands and brutal environments put aerospace hinges to the challenge – challenges that these hinges must be able to easily tolerate.

Aerospace professionals approach us with exhaustive quality clauses and strict demands.  Our Mil-Spec hinges and pins – such as MS20257, MS20001, and MS20253 – become, ultimately, destined for aerospace endeavors, with butt hinges, spring-loaded hinges, and continuous/piano hinges being commonly utilized.  At LaDeau, we document, implement and maintain the effectiveness of our quality-control measures – there is no room for error. Additional aerospace hinges we offer include the ultra-precise AA-555 series, and MS358 series, as well as custom hinges designed by aerospace primes.

LaDeau’s Industrial Hinges

Industrial hinges are designed and manufactured for highly-specialized applications and because of their niche markets, they are not designed for common, every-day uses.  Military defense equipment, lead-filled radiation and nuclear-confinement doors, infrastructure, and industrial test cells represent a mere sampling of industries that rely on these specialized hinges.  Be assured that LaDeau Manufacturing’s industrial hinges will align with whatever demands your project entails, as well!

LaDeau’s Customized Industrial & Aerospace Hinges

As mentioned, customizing industrial and aerospace hinges is one of our off-the-beaten-path disciplines.  Lengths, widths, hole patterns, forms, finishes, and other features can all be beautifully modified to suit the most out-of-the-ordinary requirements. Thanks to LaDeau’s manufacturing arsenal and the versatility of our proprietary Universal tooling system, our consumers enjoy minimized fabrication time and pinpoint accuracy.

Our Reputation Precedes Us

At LaDeau Manufacturing, we continue to incorporate our founding fathers’ commitment to quality in our products and services.  Gaining world-class recognition takes time and talent, and we maintain our top-tier status due to our:

*** Unquestioned Integrity – At LaDeau Manufacturing, four objectives form the heart of our success  1) manufacture precision products 2) offer fair prices 3) maximize the efficiency of production and delivery without compromising quality and 4) generate personalized relationships with all of our consumers.

*** Unsurpassed Expertise –  During WWII, our company’s founders worked with the Lockheed Corporation, which manufactured a variety of defense aircraft.  Today, the Lockheed Martin Corporation remains one of the most renowned military facilities in the US.

Once the war ended, the aircraft industry was ready to take on emerging technologies.  Our founders took full advantage of the timing and emerged as an independent entity, LaDeau Manufacturing.  At that time, the company focused on the production of aircraft hinge assemblies. Since then, much has changed – today, LaDeau’s products and capabilities serve local, national and global interests that cater to marine, aerospace, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial, security, and transportation venues.

*** Uncompromising Quality – ISO 9001”2015 compliance means our customers can expect products of the highest caliber.  Our production standards parallel our founders’ original commitment to apply the stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial.

As an ISO-9001:2015 certified hinge manufacturer, we are especially proud of our more-than-99.9% customer-acceptance rate, and of being independently certified by a multitude of aerospace entities.

*** Comprehensive Capabilities – LaDeau’s stringent quality control means every hinge offers unmatched strength, endurance, alignment, and even-weight distribution.  A varied array of material and finish options are available – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum. Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating and so much more.  LaDeau Manufacturing is proud of its engineering personnel whose passion and expertise are truly exceptional!

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