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Two discoveries, in particular, succeeded in altering the course of humankind:  the wheel and the hinge. Without either, the evolution of primitive societies into advanced societies would not have taken place, as it did.

Hinges are embedded in everything from military helicopter blades to weather satellites to laptop computers to kitchen appliances.  Hinges allow every human endeavor to carry on, day-in and day-out, non-stop. For this reason, LaDeau Manufacturing takes great pride in the manufacturing of its Industrial and Mil-Spec hinges knowing these critical devices serve countless roles to keep the world moving, 24/7.

At LaDeau, we can manufacture any type of hinge you could possibly need or desire.  If Industrial or Aerospace hinges are part of your next purchasing requisition, we have stocked designs to serve more common needs and can also customize hinges to satisfy unique applications.  All our hinges are fabricated in an ISO-Certified environment, and in the United States.

The LaDeau Manufacturing name spans more than 70 years – a name that is synonymous with quality, precision, and integrity.  For decades, Original Equipment Manufacturers and other entities – nationally and globally – have placed their faith in the performance of our hinges.  Whether simple or complex, stocked or customized, miniature or heavy-duty, LaDeau Manufacturing has what you need.


Aerospace Hinges

Every LaDeau hinge undergoes intense scrutiny, via our stringent quality-control measures.  The majority of our clients come from the aerospace, medical, or tech. industries, who deliver detailed industry requisites.  LaDeau Manufacturing makes sure those stringent demands are met, down to the smallest detail.

Our Mil-Spec hinges and pins – such as MS20257, MS20001, and MS20253 – often become, ultimately, destined for aerospace endeavors with our butt hinges, spring-loaded hinges, and piano hinges being used for this specialized arena.

LaDeau’s Aerospace hinges are, also, designed for next-generation civilian and defense aviation applications that range from ‘common use’ to ‘curiously unique’.  From landing gears and brakes on commercial planes to fifth-generation stealth military combat aircraft, Aerospace hinges ensure mechanical systems operate with flawless perfection.

Industrial Hinges

LaDeau’s industrial-grade hinges are utilized around the world in a vast array of arenas.  From aerospace, medicine and marine applications to agriculture, factory venues and more. Industrial hinges are very specialized and are not intended for every-day consumer needs.  These types of hinges must fulfill excruciatingly-demanding roles. Steel shipping containers, for example, require extreme load-bearing hinges that must be able to easily combat salt water, extreme humidity, and tons of pressure generated by container stacking.  In fact, a standard ISO shipping container is designed to withstand 192 MT of weight stacked on its corner posts. Industrial hinges take merciless abuse while still allowing doors, gates, platforms, etc. to open and close, seamlessly.

Customized Industrial and Aerospace Hinges

LaDeau Manufacturing is well known for its customization of any type of hinge for any type of use.  Our Industrial and Aerospace hinges are often customized down to the most intricate detail – lengths, widths, hole patterns, forms, embossing, and other features can be modified with precision, upon request.  Thanks to LaDeau’s manufacturing arsenal and the versatility of our proprietary Universal tooling system, our consumers enjoy short lead times, competitive pricing, and pinpoint accuracy.

Our History and Our Integrity – It Doesn’t Get Any Better

Four, key components have driven our company as a global leader in the hinge-manufacturing industry:

***  Integrity – Our philosophy focuses on four primary objectives:  1) manufacture precision products 2) offer fair prices 3) maximize the efficiency of production and delivery without compromising quality and 4) generate personalized relationships with every customer.

*** Expertise –  During WWII, our company’s founders joined forces with the Lockheed Corporation, which manufactured a variety of aircraft, including bombers.  Today, the Lockheed Martin Corporation remains one of the most renowned military facilities in the US.

The foresight of our founders drove them to embrace the end of WWII as a new beginning.  It was time to establish their own company, LaDeau Manufacturing, which focused on the production of aircraft hinge assemblies.

Today, LaDeau Manufacturing serves national and global interests with an exceptionally-vast consumer base involved in marine, aerospace, heavy equipment, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial and security ventures.

*** Quality – ISO compliance means products are manufactured according to the highest expectations.  Our production standards parallel our founders’ original commitment to apply stringent MIL-l-45208A standards to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial.

As an ISO-9001:2015 certified world-class hinge manufacturer, we are proud of our more-than-99.9% customer-acceptance rate, in addition to being independently certified by a variety of aerospace entities.

***  Capabilities –  LaDeau’s quality-control measures ensure our hinges offer nothing less than superb strength, alignment, and even-weight distribution.  Various material and finish options are available – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum. Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating and so much more.

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