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All things “hinges” is what LaDeau Manufacturing is known for. With more than 70 years of expertise, we can go back to our founders’ war-time service with Lockheed Corporation. It was after WWII however, when newly-established LaDeau Manufacturing focused on hinge assemblies for the post-war aircraft industry.

Since 1946, our California-based company has fabricated and supplied millions of feet of piano-hinge designs, including Certified Mil-Spec hinges, which must satisfy very demanding and challenging needs. LaDeau’s commercial piano hinges are meticulously manufactured, utilizing the same equipment used to craft the very precise MS20257 Mil-Spec hinges, which have been trusted by aerospace and defense manufacturers for more than 7 decades. LaDeau’s Mil-Spec piano hinges are made to MS20257, MS20001, MS358 and A-A-555 specifications.


LaDeau’s Piano Hinges – Proudly Made in the USA

*** Aluminum:
LaDeau’s aluminum piano hinges are American-made from US-sourced 5052-H34 aluminum, and manufactured in an ISO-Certified environment. Additionally, LaDeau’s piano hinges are also available in stainless steel, steel, brass and other specialty metals in thicknesses from 0.008 inches (0.2mm) to 0.186 inches (4.72mm). Our Indiana customers can be assured that all of LaDeau’s piano hinges are of the highest quality and are the most durable, metal-stamped piano hinges to be found anywhere in the world!

*** Stainless Steel:
LaDeau’s stainless steel piano hinges are manufactured from high-quality American-origin 304 2B stainless steel. A variety of configurations are available – length, width, holes, forms, shapes and more can be completely customized. Stainless steel piano hinges feature a Mill finish and a removable pin, by default, with pin retention available, if desired.

*** Steel:
LaDeau’s steel piano hinges are fabricated from cold-rolled steel in a variety of sizes, with any custom needs available, upon request.

Customization – LaDeau’s Specialty

LaDeau Manufacturing offers piano hinges and unassembled hinge halves with or without holes, with a free or secured pin, and with or without finishing. Regardless of how small or large or how simple or complex your project may be, if it involves conventional piano hinges, customized piano hinges, or Certified Mil-Spec piano hinges, LaDeau Manufacturing will punch, form, offset, notch, countersink, finish and plate according to your specifications. Supplying special notches, not-traditional hole diameters, unequal hinge lengths & widths, shape & mounting options, and unique combinations & configurations is all in a day’s work.

Our goal is to supply our Indiana customers with the best piano-hinge product on the market, and save time and money, in the process. Methodologies involving our universal press technology, for example, allow for tight tolerances, no tooling costs, minimized fabrication time, reduced down-time, maximized repeatability, and pin-point accuracy – just give us your details, and you can consider it done!

Ladeau Manufacturing – Supplying and Serving Industries the World Over

LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified World-Class manufacturer of piano hinges that can accommodate any demand for any industry. Global niche markets that include marine, commercial, industrial, agricultural, aerospace, defense, military, and medical arenas rely on LaDeau Manufacturing’s unsurpassed standards of excellence. Our company relentlessly maintains its mission to promote unquestionable integrity and product excellence. It was our founders’ original commitment to apply the demanding MIL-I-45208A standard to all our piano hinges as well as all other LaDeau parts – military and commercial – and that commitment stands, today.

Our Indiana clientele can count on LaDeau Manufacturing to supply precisely-engineered and calculated piano hinge solutions, whether ready-made or made-to-order, as well as the shortest lead time, anywhere. Preserving our status as a world-class piano hinge manufacturer and supplier may be challenged by our competitors; but it will never be outdone.

If you have any questions concerning your piano-hinge needs, simply give LaDeau Manufacturing a call – we’ll address your inquiries right over the phone!

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