The Many Uses of Aluminum Hinges

Aluminum hinges play a vital role in every niche of our society. They are lightweight and strong, making them prime candidates for aerospace and transportation applications; commercially and militarily.  Aluminum hinges are also corrosion-resistant, making them ideal for usage in marine, food, and outdoor environments or any application where stainless steel might not be the most-ideal option in terms of function or cost.


Here is a bit more insight on the invaluable roles aluminum hinges play in everyday life.


Marine Environments

In marine environments, aluminum hinges are coveted.  Boaters expect moving components on the deck, in the hatch, in the galley, or in the boat’s cabin to operate seamlessly; and they do, thanks to aluminum hinges that resist corrosion and humidity.  Aluminum piano hinges, for example, are used as mobile fasteners to hinge boat components including lids, doors, cabinets, and hatches.  Off-set aluminum hinges are used in pontoon bench seats to enable the seat cushion to lift and lower in order to access the storage compartment underneath.


Fire Environments

Specialized fire-rated hinges are embedded in doors and windows in hospitals, schools, offices, airports, stadiums, industrial buildings and more.  Fire-rated aluminum hinges are anodized –  anodized aluminum is the result of what is called an ‘electrolytic passivation’ process which increases the thickness of the natural oxide layer on the surface of the metal.  Anodizing increases resistance to corrosion and wear, and provides enhanced adhesion for paint, primers, and glues.


Heavy-duty fire-rated continuous aluminum hinges that possess a fire-rating of up to 3 hours for metal doors constitute a Class A rating for fire endurance.  These specialized hinges use heat-activated, stainless-steel, automatic fire pins.  Hinges that possess a fire-rating for up to 3 hours have been recognized and approved by the standards set by Underwriters’ Laboratories, Inc. or another approved laboratory.


Hospital Environments

Aluminum continuous hinges with integral edge guards offer superior protection for the door hinge edge; and are exceptionally suited for hospital doors that are wider, heavier, and/or subject to intense impact received from stretchers or other equipment.


One can go beyond just doors, however, since aluminum hinges are incorporated into patient beds, medical equipment, and nurses’ portable computer stations.  But how about something really cool like bionic knee braces that are equipped with aluminum hinges?  Here, aluminum hinges are especially suited since they are inherently lightweight.


Bionic knee braces are used by athletes for training and injury prevention and used by in-patients and out-patients.  Bionic knee braces assist with injury recovery, joint instabilities, moderate ligament and tendon sprains, hyper-extension and patella support.  The hinges actually train one’s body to keep the braced knee, or knees, out of the “at-risk” zone.  Compact, spring-loaded aluminum hinges allow the user to not only move about as one would normally move, but the user can climb ladders and even lift heavy items.  This convenience would be especially, appreciated if climbing or lifting are part of an individual’s occupation or lifestyle.  With bionic knee braces the magic takes place when embedded hinges simultaneously minimize joint compression, thanks to a built-in shock absorption system.


Aluminum Hinges are Unsung Heroes

Whether aluminum hinges are used for doors, gates, cabinets, lids and more – whether aluminum hinges are used for industrial, commercial or residential needs – and whether aluminum hinges are used indoors or outdoors, these amazing devices blend into their respective surroundings while performing smooth and seamless actions.  They help countless people every day- to make their lives a whole lot easier!