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Hello, and welcome to LaDeau Manufacturing! Your interest in Mil-Spec hinges is our interest since this distinct type of hinge is one of our specialties. Part of selecting the right types of Mil-Spec hinges is selecting the right Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer! At LaDeau, our 70-plus year history and our unrivaled expertise allow us to be globally-recognized and highly respected within the hinge-manufacturing industry.

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinges are fabricated in an ISO-certified environment, in the USA, and ship to Ohio every week. As an ISO-9001:2015 certified world-class hinge manufacturer, we offer top-tier quality that revolves around efficient, precise, reliable solutions. We offer confidence and a history of dependability to agencies within the US Department of Defense as well as government contractors and subcontractors. Our very specialized Mil-Spec hinges must fully satisfy critically-essential military standards which include DOD-regulated 1) procedures, processes, practices, and methods 2) technical requirements 3) design criteria and 4) material types and origins.

Mil-Spec Hinge Customization – All in a Day’s Work

As a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer, we are fully prepared to modify any variety of hinge features to meet unique needs. We utilize DOD-approved materials where holes, hole patterns or slots are redesigned; pin lengths are altered; hinge thicknesses are modified; corners are cut; springs are added, and much more. The end product is, always, militarily specific and militarily exceptional.

Mil-Spec Hinge Performance – The Ultimate Test

Highly-specific DOD performance standards for Mil-Spec hinges are strict and uncompromising. LaDeau’s exceptional quality control ensures the operational requisites, extreme environmental considerations, and/or interface and interchangeability features are never compromised. As a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer, LaDeau meets unyielding DOD clauses by offering:

1.  Compatibility & Interoperability – hinges must be utilizable in a variety of interchangeable applications.  Hinge interfaces need to work with existing products and possible future products without functional restrictions.

2.  Safety – hinges must be designed with exceptional reliability with no room for error to ensure the safety of operators of military vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

3.  Quality – hinges must be designed with supreme superiority regarding materials, workmanship, functionality, and other aspects, set-in-stone, by the US Department of Defense.

Mil-spec hinges with the LaDeau name allow military vehicles, aircraft, field equipment, small arms, etc. operate with exactness and preciseness regardless of abuse, temperature extremes, saltwater infiltration, and the presence of chemical and industrial agents.

Unquestioned Expertise

LaDeau is very proud of its more-than 7 decades of manufacturing hinge products which, today, serve vital industries on a global scale, as well as Ohio. LaDeau’s reputation as a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer is embraced by a vast array of entities – military and non-defense government organizations and other industries. They rely on our Mil-Spec piano hinges made to MS20257, MS20001, MS35821-MS35831, and A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 specifications. Mil-Spec hinge pin specifications include MS20253, MS27990, and A-A-55486.

From GPS satellites to infantry electronics to Black Hawk helicopters, LaDeau’s role as a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer is one of pride and passion. We love the idea of helping the military and other mammoth industries move in all the right directions!

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