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Thank you for your interest in LaDeau Manufacturing – your Mil-Spec and continuous hinge manufacturer serving states from Pennsylvania to California, and across the globe!  LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinges are fabricated in an ISO-certified environment. As an ISO-9001:2015 certified world-class hinge manufacturer, we are called upon by various entities within the US Department of Defense as well as government contractors and subcontractors.  Our very specialized Mil-Spec hinges possess meticulous requisites that must meet very high military standards of perfection to ensure defense-related products operate with predictable precision.

LaDeau’s military-specification hinges align with extremely detailed parameters, as established by the DOD.  The DOD’s strict guidelines include government-regulated 1) procedures, processes, practices, and methods 2) technical requirements 3) design criteria and 4) material types.

Customization Down to the Smallest Detail

Being a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer means we must be fully ready, at any time, to customize any variety of hinge designs to meet any contingency.  At LaDeau, this is all in a day’s work. We utilize DOD-approved materials; hole patterns or slots are redesigned; pin lengths are altered; hinge thicknesses are modified; finishes are specialized – the list goes on.  In the end, LaDeau’s custom design hinges satisfy the exceptionally high standards of being militarily unique and militarily superior.

Performance Specifications to a ‘T’

Detailed DOD performance standards outline the intricate characteristics Mil-Spec hinges must adhere to.  Whether those standards deal with overall operational requisites, extreme environmental considerations, and/or interface and interchangeability features, LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinges meet strict DOD clauses by offering:

1.  Compatibility & Interoperability – hinges must be utilizable in a variety of interchangeable applications.  Hinge interfaces need to work with existing products and possible future products without functional restrictions.

2.  Safety – hinges must be designed with exceptional reliability with no room for error to ensure the safety of operators of military vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

3.  Quality – hinges must be designed with supreme superiority regarding materials, workmanship, functionality, and other aspects, set-in-stone, by the US Department of Defense.

At the end of the day, military vessels, vehicles, aircraft, field equipment, small arms, etc must operate with, absolute, precision.  This must hold true, regardless, of over-use, abuse, temperature extremes, saltwater infiltration, the presence of chemical and industrial agents, and more.

Exceptional Expertise

As a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer, LaDeau is very proud to be recognized as an applauded leader within this niche arena.  More than 7 decades ago, LaDeau Manufacturing began its journey to supply hinge products, and today, those products serve a vast array of vital industries.  Our hinge-embedded history is rich with time-tested principles and engineering innovations. Quality and integrity have served as our cornerstones, and they remain entrenched in our commitment to our patrons locally, nationally, and abroad.  Our Mil-Spec hinges are exceptional – they have to be!

For decades, LaDeau’s role as a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer has been embraced by huge entities – military and non-defense government organizations, and other industries.  They rely on our Mil-Spec piano hinges made to MS20257, MS20001, MS35821-MS35831, and A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 specifications.  Mil-Spec hinge specifications include MS20253, MS27990, and A-A-55486.

From aircraft carriers to armored vehicles to military communications systems, LaDeau is extremely proud to contribute to national and global needs!  We like to think we help to keep the world moving in all the right directions!

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