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You have reached LaDeau Manufacturing, and if Mil-Spec hinges are on your requisition list, your search ends here! We say that with confidence due to our company’s 70+ years of experience as a hinge manufacturer supplying many Wisconsin customers. Our history dates back to 1946, and since then, our company has positioned itself as a global leader in this niche arena.

As a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer, our products are manufactured in an ISO-certified environment, in the USA. It means we place critical importance on our customer-centric culture and our quality-management principles – both, of which, are at the heart of our operations. As an ISO-9001:2015 certified world-class manufacturer, we meet the strict demands from various administrations within the US Department of Defense as well as exhaustive stipulations from government contractors and subcontractors. Mil-Spec hinges are in a class of their own and must, fully, satisfy critically-essential military standards. Those standards include DOD-regulated 1) procedures, processes, practices, and methods 2) technical requirements 3) design criteria and 4) material types.

As a Mil-Spec Hinge Manufacturer, We Customize

As a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer, we modify hinge configurations to meet out-of-the-ordinary applications, both military-centric, and not. We utilize DOD-approved materials where holes, hole patterns or slots are designed in; pin lengths are altered; hinge thicknesses are modified; corners are chamfered; springs are added, notches are notched, and much more. LaDeau’s mil-spec hinges deliver exceptional performance and unquestioned reliability, for a myriad of applications.

As a Mil-Spec Hinge Manufacturer, We Meet Every Contingency

Performance standards for the Department of Defense leave no room for error. This means LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinges must pass quality-control measures that ensure operational requisites, extreme environmental considerations, and/or interface and interchangeability features are always of the highest order. LaDeau meets mil-spec requirements of:

1.  Compatibility & Interoperability

Our Mil-Spec hinges perform, seamlessly, in a variety of interchangeable applications.  Hinge interfaces work with existing products and possible future products without functional restrictions.

2.  Safety

Our Mil-Spec hinges are crafted to offer continuous, reliable functionality under the most extreme environments.  This ensures the safety of operators of military vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

3.  Quality

Our Mil-Spec hinges boast of supreme superiority in all areas:  materials, workmanship, functionality, and more as determined by the US Department of Defense.

Regardless of over-use, abuse, temperature extremes, saltwater infiltration, and the presence of chemical and industrial agents, LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinges are remarkable in terms of quality and reliability. From amphibious assault ships and counter-measure electronics to counter-drone equipment and laser-target locators, Mil-Spec hinges allow critical systems and operations to continue, unabated, every second of every day, in every part of the world, be it Wisconsin, or in international waters.

As a Mil-Spec Hinge Manufacturer, Our Expertise Speaks for Itself

Our company has consistently embraced improved methodologies and advanced technologies that have allowed us to expand and forge ahead.  Our time-tested principles and engineering innovations are embedded in our integrity, customer care, collaboration and other core values that have been the lifeblood of our success.

From one decade to the next, LaDeau’s reputation as a Mil-Spec hinge manufacturer has remained unquestioned.  For this reason, military and non-defense government organizations and other industries place their complete faith in our products including our Mil-Spec continuous/piano hinges made to MS20257, MS20001, MS35821-MS35831, and A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 specifications.  Mil-Spec hinge specifications include MS20253, MS27990, and A-A-55486.

Factory-direct processing increases your savings and decreases your lead time.  After it’s all said and done, we offer fast, precise, dependable solutions – this is LaDeau Manufacturing.

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