Mil-Spec Hinge Pin Manufacturer Serving South Carolina

Our founders have been in the Mil-Spec industry since WWII when working for the Lockheed Corporation. That’s why you can trust we’re a Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving South Carolina that understands military standards.

LaDeau was founded in 1946 with the commitment to provide Mil-Spec standards to both government and civilian customers. By taking part in the post-war aircraft industry, LaDeau started its journey with high expectations.

Today, we’ve expanded our expertise to countless industries from transportation to aerospace. Throughout seven decades we’ve only further solidified our dedication to excellence and customer service. That’s why our South Carolina clients know they can rely on us.

Meeting the Expectations of the Department of Defense

As a Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving South Carolina, we know that it’s the process that matters. Our ISO-9001:2015 certification proves our countless in-house inspections make a difference.

Our obsession with perfection isn’t aimless. It’s so that we meet and exceed criteria set by the US Department of Defense (DoD).

The DoD has a set of painstaking standards for all processes of manufacturing. This ensures every product they receive is foolproof.

When dealing with the most expensive equipment around, error is unacceptable. We understand this, and inspect all aspects of our manufacturing so we meet DoD guidelines for:

  • Procedures, processes, practices, and methods

  • Technical requirements

  • Design criteria

  • Material types and sources

Because of our passion for flawlessness we boast a 99.8% acceptance rate by our customers. We’re also trusted by leading names in industries including the aerospace industry, defense sector, and medical field. In fact, we’ve earned multiple independent certifications by our aerospace clientele. Our South Carolina customers can expect the same level of perfection.

Going Out of Our Way For Our Clients

After more than 70 years of service, we’ve collected quite the arsenal of tools, machinery, and expertise. Because of this, you won’t find another Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving South Carolina with the same level of customizability as us.

Whether you’re looking for staking, pin spinning, powder coating, degreasing, passivating, plating, and more, we’re up for the job.

All our tooling is in-house which grants us the freedom to fulfill all varieties of requests. When creating hinge pins for a range of equipment from satellites to ambulances, we know we need to be flexible. That’s why our hinge pins are fully customizable from their dimensions down to their finish.

To further maintain flexibility, our offices and manufacturing are in-house. By keeping all parts of the supply line in one place, we control the tempo. We’re eager to provide expedited orders and out of the ordinary requests because we don’t have to ask others to do so for us.

As a leading Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving South Carolina, we provide unmatched flexibility and speed. Bring us any request and we’ll get straight to work fulfilling it.

A Love for Excellence

Our founders started LaDeau with the intention of bringing military standards to all products they manufactured. You can’t find another Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving South Carolina that ensures their hinge pins are:

* Standardized– You can’t talk about Mil-Spec without bringing up standardization. Everything in the military down to the direction you wear your belt is specified. That’s because standardization is king when it comes to speed, consistency, and dependability.

We believe when you find a design that performs better than all others, stick with it. Our Mil-Spec hinge pins are engineered to sustain tremendous weights, immense pressures, and vigorous vibrations. That’s why we guarantee our hinge pins are:

* Reliable – Our Mil-Spec hinge pins are built for the most advanced equipment known to man. Even more, we know people rely on our hinge pins for their personal safety. To hold to the trust our clients place in us, we hold numerous in-house inspections to guarantee perfection.

* Quality – The DoD isn’t looking for any ordinary commercial hinge pin. They need hinge pins that will hold the incredible weight of armored doors and provide the intricate functioning of exoskeleton joints. Our hinge pins meet those standards.

Our hinge pins can withstand chemical agents, unimaginable force, and extreme conditions. From prized workmanship to the finest materials, our hinge pins beat the rest.

* Valuable – We know our customers have deadlines and budgets to meet. That’s why we not only provide the strongest and most reliable hinge pins on the market. We also offer the best deals.

We take our role as a world class Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving South Carolina seriously. We know our clients are looking to provide the same high-quality service to their own customers. That’s why we take speed and affordability to heart.

The LaDeau team cares about our relationships. We’ve gone out of our way time and time again to help our clients meet their needs. Whether you’re looking for an expedited order or an absurdly specific request, we’ll be more than happy to help.

Mil-Spec Hinge Pins Built to DoD Specifications

You can find our Mil-Spec hinge pins over the seas, under the seas, and in the far reaches of space. Now it’s time to bring them to South Carolina. Our goal is to provide the unsurpassed performance of Mil-Spec hinge pins to our community. That’s why we’re thrilled to provide South Carolina with Mil-Spec hinge pins meeting specifications including:

A-A-55486-1 through A-A-55486-5 specified stainless steel hinge pins available in passivated finish

MS20253 and AS20253 specified stainless steel hinge pins available in passivated or Cad-plated finish as well as finished with solid film lubricant (L) on demand

MS27990 specified hinge pins available in Aluminum (A), Brass (B), Stainless Steel (C), Steel (D) and Bronze (E)

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