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Thank you for your interest in LaDeau – your Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving states from Washington to Texas to New York and throughout the world!  The first thing our Washington clients insist on regarding LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins is quality – without it, everything else falls by the wayside and becomes compromised.  Fortunately, the LaDeau name is synonymous with an unsurpassed caliber of quality that goes back more than 70 years!

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins are fabricated in an ISO-certified environment.  As an ISO-9001:2015 certified world-class hinge pin manufacturer, we are continually contacted by the US Department of Defense as well as government contractors and subcontractors.  Their standards of excellence must be matched by a mil-spec hinge pin manufacturer that embraces identical demands for quality excellence.

Meeting DOD Demands  

Our very specialized Mil-Spec hinge pins, such as the MS20253 meet elevated military standards of perfection.  Defense-related products must function with stunning precision – there is no room for error.   LaDeau takes great pride as a highly-coveted Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer for the US Government’s covert and overt needs.

Our Mil-Spec hinge pins align with the extremely tight tolerances, as established by the DOD.  Its uncompromising guidelines include government-regulated 1) procedures, processes, practices, and methods 2) technical requirements 3) design criteria 4) material source and 5) material type.  As a Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer serving Washington, we fully meet those rigorous demands with exceptionalism

Mil-Spec Hinge Pin Customization

As a Mil-Spec hinge pin manufacturer strategically located to serve Washington, we respond to any contingency for customization requests with immediacy and urgency.  When customizing Mil-Spec hinge pins, screw machining & turning, grinding, tapping, thread rolling, knurling, flattening and more are, precisely achieved.

Whether the hinge pins you require need to be removal/non-removable, plated or unplated, or must be a specific type – such as MS20253, MS27990, or any OEM design – customizing Mil-Spec hinge pins is all in a day’s work.  In the end, our Washington clients benefit from Mil-Spec hinge pins that are militarily unique and militarily superior.

Mil-Spec Hinge Pin Performance Standards   

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins are designed to possess intricate characteristics and capabilities through their:

* Compatibility & Interoperability – Mil-Spec hinge pins must be utilizable in a variety of interchangeable applications.  Hinge pin interfaces need to work with existing products and possible future products without functional restrictions.

* Safety – Mil-Spec hinge pins must be designed with exceptional reliability to ensure the safety of operators of military vehicles, machinery, and equipment.

* Quality – Mil-Spec hinge pins must be designed with unquestioned superiority regarding materials, workmanship, and functionality as determined by the DOD.

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins effectively combat over-use, abuse, temperature extremes, saltwater infiltration, the introduction of chemical and industrial agents, and more.  LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins are exceptional – they have to be!

Mil-Spec Hinge Pin Specifications 

Military agencies, non-defense government organizations, and a myriad of other industries request LaDeau’s Mil-Spec hinge pins made to various specifications including:

A-A-55486-1 through A-A-55486-5 specification in stainless steel w/passivated finish

MS20253-1 through MS20253-5 specification in stainless steel w/passivated finish

MS20253P1 through MS20253P5 specification in stainless steel w/cadmium-plated finish

MS27990-9A through MS27990-9E up to MS27990-16A through MS27990-16E specification in various materials including (A) aluminum, (B) brass, (C) stainless steel, (D) steel, and (E) bronze

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