Nebraska Industrial & Aerospace Hinge Manufacturer

From the very beginning, our founders intended for us to be anindustrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer that focuses on unbeatable standards, and serves Nebraska customers. After working for the Lockheed Corporation in WWII, they set out to create a company that provided military-tier excellence for private and government businesses alike.

They founded LaDeau in 1946, and since then we’ve continued to fulfill their commitment. We’ve grown into a world class manufacturer that’s earned a reputation for our excellence. We believe in perfection, dedication, and value, and for 70+ years have been serving just that.

Manufacturing That Meets Your Heavy-Duty Needs

We’re a Nebraska industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer that understands your needs. Our ISO-9001:2015 certification proves we take your requirements seriously.

There’s no room for error in our industry and we go above and beyond to ensure our manufacturing is foolproof. An example of this extreme stringency is demonstrated in our Mil-Spec hinges which meet US Department of Defense guidelines for:

  • Procedures, processes, practices, and methods

  • Technical requirements

  • Design criteria

  • Material types and sources

We thoroughly inspect all aspects of our manufacturing to guarantee perfection. This is how we’ve become a renowned industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer supplying many great customers in Nebraska.

Further proving our dedication, we boast a 99.8% product acceptance rate as well as multiple independent certifications from our aerospace clients. It’s through our commitment to excellence that we’ve gained the status we have today.

What it Takes to Be a World Class Nebraska Industrial & Aerospace Hinge Manufacturer

So how did we get to where we are? Well, the answer comes down to providing top of the line products. Our industrial & aerospace hinges withstand the most grueling environments. Meanwhile, our pins are made to exact standards while still being customizable for our clients.

Our aerospace hinges, for instance, are used for a variety of purposes. From specialized tasks such as locking plug doors to securing control surfaces, our hinges stay durable while providing an unmatched strength to weight ratio. Our aerospace hinges will prove their worth in equipment ranging from GPS satellites to commercial airliners.

As for our industrial hinges, they’re up for withstanding whatever’s thrown at them while conducting their specific task. Whether the hinges are needed for agriculture, transportation, factory equipment, medical equipment, or more, we have the right hinges for the job, at extremely competitive cost. They’re strong enough to secure armored doors to military vehicles while staying precise enough to work in delicate medical instruments.

You see:

We believe in brute strength but also exact precision. We manufacture hinges that can withstand radiation, extreme temperatures, and support incredible weights. However, these same hinges are made according to painstaking standards, meeting the most precise requirements in the industry.

When We Don’t Have the Right Hinge for You, We Make It

As a Nebraska industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer, our hinges are used for a breathtaking variety of purposes. Thankfully, within our seven decades of experience we’ve accumulated enough tools and machinery to do all our tooling in-house.

This means we’re able to customize the majority of our industrial and aerospace hinges. Whether you’re looking for staking, pin spinning, powder coating, degreasing, passivating, plating, or anything else, we can do it.

Additionally, we provide custom dimensions for our hinges. We offer a stunning range of materials, sizes, and finishes for our hinges. All this is done so we can provide you with world class service and meet all of your requirements.

Holding Ourselves to Unmatched Standards

Being a Nebraska industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer requires commitment to perfection. Because we work in such high-stakes industries, we make a promise to ourselves that all our hinges will meet four specific standards. We ensure our hinges live up to our standards of being:

*** Customizable – In order to truly fulfill our clients’ needs we know we have to stay flexible. That’s why we provide customizable hinges. Whether you need a specific finish, material, or function, we’re happy to make it happen.

*** Reliable – When working with clients in leading edge industries you must make hinges that are flawless. Our Nebraska and other midwest clients put their reputation, equipment, and safety in our hands. That’s why we only use the top materials on the market and ensure the sources are highly reputable. Additionally, we conduct our engineering and manufacturing in house to keep reliability a top priority.

*** Quality – Our hinges are meant for purposes ranging from exoskeleton joints to strap hinges meant for semi-truck doors. That’s why we believe in making the highest quality hinges on the market. We create hinges that meet fire codes, stay corrosion resistant, tout incredible load-bearing capacities, and meet exacting standards.

*** Valuable – While we know our hinges have to be top of the line, we also know our clients have deadlines and budgets to meet. That’s why we not only provide the strongest and most reliable hinges on the market; we also offer the best deals.

We care about building relationships with our clients. That’s why we keep all our offices in house, vertically-integrated. Through this, we can push our limits for custom requests such as time sensitive orders and unusual hinge specifications. We cut out the middleman so you get the service you deserve.

Providing Industrial and Aerospace Hinges for All Your Needs

We’re a Nebraska industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer that offers a stunning range of hinges. Furthermore, we offer many custom hinges to increase your range of options. The assortment of our industrial hinges and our aerospace hinges includes:

It’s our duty to provide you with enough options to get your job done. That’s what we’re here for and that’s what we provide.

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