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Hinges have been around since over 5,500 years ago. As an industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer serving many great customers in Nevada, it’s important for us to recognize our roots.

The ingenuity and creativity of ancient humans was breathtaking. In Hattusa, an ancient capital in the East, large wood doors were discovered with primitive hinges that didn’t even need metal. These hinges utilized stone sockets which the wooden doors pivoted in.

From then on hinge technology has advanced exponentially. Today, we at LaDeau manufacturing create an enormous assortment of hinges. These hinges work in cutting edge equipment as advanced as GPS satellites and jet aircraft.

Manufacturing Hinges for Cutting Edge Needs

As a Nevada industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer, we create hinges for the most sophisticated equipment around. In order to do so we earned our ISO-9001:2015 certification, proving we excel at meeting the needs of our industry.

When working with technologically advanced equipment, there’s zero room for error. Furthermore, we have to create hinges that meet the most demanding standards in the world: those of the US Department of Defense (DoD).

Our specialty Mil-Spec hinges are our shining example that we have the guts to meet extreme standards. In order to create such hinges, we inspect all aspects of our manufacturing in order to meet DoD guidelines for:

  • Procedures, processes, practices, and methods

  • Technical requirements

  • Design criteria

  • Material types and sources

It takes a lot to become a world class Nevada industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer. However, our relentless dedication to perfection got us to where we are now. This passion shows through our 99.8% product acceptance rate and our multiple independent certifications from our aerospace clients.

Setting the Bar as a Leading Nevada Industrial & Aerospace Hinge Manufacturer

To gain our status as a world class hinge manufacturer, we had to focus on two things: customer service and unbeatable products. Our hinges withstand unimaginable environments while staying durable and meeting exact standards. Additionally, we provide clients with top tier service by creating hinges that are fully customizable.

As an example, our aerospace hinges are versatile enough to fit all sorts of specialized tasks. From locking in plug doors to securing control surfaces, our hinges stay durable while providing an unmatched strength to weight ratio. From space exploration vehicles to commercial airliners, our aerospace hinges are fit for the job.

When it comes to our industrial hinges, they’re able to withstand incredible weights while performing delicate tasks. Whether they’re needed for agriculture, transportation, factory equipment, or the medical field, we have the right industrial hinges for you. They can do anything from securing armored doors to military vehicles all the way to the precise functioning needed in medical equipment.

As you can see:

We believe in pairing brute strength with unmatched precision. We create hinges that can withstand radiation, extreme temperatures, and support incredible weights. On the other hand, these same hinges are made to painstaking standards in order to function in some of the most advanced equipment ever made.

If Our Hinges Don’t Fit Your Needs, We’ll Customize Them

We’re an industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer that’s been accruing equipment for over seven decades, yielding large savings for our Nevada clients. Because of this, we’re able to fully customize our hinges to fit your needs. When working in an industry such as ours, it’s essential to stay flexible.

We keep all of our tooling in house. Therefore, whether you’re looking for staking, pin spinning, powder coating, degreasing, passivating, plating, or anything else, we have you covered.

Furthermore, we provide custom dimensions, finishes, and materials for most of our hinges. We receive a massive variety of requests for an unthinkable range of custom hinges. In order to meet all these needs, we’ve found it’s necessary to provide custom hinges for our clients.

Providing Top-Tier Standards

Being a Nevada industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer, we aim for the highest standards in the industry. That’s why we make a promise to ourselves and our clients to ensure our hinges meet specific standards. When creating hinges, we inspect our processes and products to ensure they’re:

*** Customizable – We provide customizable hinges to meet the highly specific requirements of sophisticated equipment. Whether you need a specific finish, material, or function, we’re up for the job. Our tooling and machinery provide unmatched variety and customization.

*** Reliable – Our Mil-Spec hinge pins are built for the most advanced equipment known to man. Even more, we know people rely on our hinge pins for their personal safety. To hold to the trust our clients place in us, we hold numerous in-house inspections to guarantee perfection.

*** Quality – Our hinges are meant for purposes ranging from military exoskeleton joints to modern spacecraft. That’s why we believe it’s our duty to make the highest quality hinges on the market. We create hinges that meet fire codes, stay corrosion resistant, and tout incredible load-bearing capacities, all while meeting precise standards and requirements.

*** Valuable – Although our hinges are built to world-class standards, we know our Nevada clients still have deadlines and budgets to meet. That’s why we keep all our offices in-house. This allows us to meet specific requests, provide unbeatable deals, and go out of our way time and time again for our clients.

Providing Industrial and Aerospace Hinges for All Your Needs

We’re an industrial & aerospace hinge manufacturer that offers a stunning range of hinges to our neighbors in Nevada. Furthermore, we offer many custom hinges to increase your range of options. The assortment of our industrial hinges and our aerospace hinges includes:

It’s our duty to provide you with enough options to get your job done. That’s what we’re here for and that’s what we provide.

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