New York Spring-Loaded Hinge Manufacturer

Spring-loaded hinges offer the ultimate convenience when it comes to controlling the movement of lids or doors. Spring-loaded hinges differ from more-traditional hinges in that they are designed with embedded springs which regulate the movement of everything from solar panels on satellites to smoke-rated ICU/CCU door systems, to the ‘arms’ (aka: ‘temples’) on eyeglasses, and a myriad of other applications, in-between.

Spring-loaded hinges are often, referred to as ‘self-closing’ hinges; and it is the energy in the spring that permits this type of hinge to offer more functionality than standard hinges. Spring-loaded hinges serve as a convenient alternative to overhead-mounted door closers. The tension in spring-loaded hinges can be adjusted to create different closing speeds as well as permit a door or lid to remain open, if necessary.


Ladeau Manufacturing – Serving New York

California-based LaDeau Manufacturing utilizes advanced technology to fabricate the highest-caliber spring-loaded hinges for our New York market. Through the use of Universal Press Technology, fabrication time is minimized, down-time is dramatically reduced, repeatability is optimized and extreme accuracy is achieved. Original equipment manufacturers, both domestic and international, rely on LaDeau’s spring-loaded hinges to meet their very demanding requirements.

Our New York customers can choose from an impressive array of spring-hinge products in stock; or LaDeau can custom-design spring-loaded hinges to meet the most unique specifications. Whatever the design or desire, you can depend on LaDeau Manufacturing to fabricate any type of hinge, imaginable! If you can visualize it; we can make it!

Spring-loaded Hinges – Quality, Variety, Expertise

LaDeau is very proud of its almost 70 years of experience with the manufacturing of American-made hinges of all types; and we offer a multitude of finishing options, materials and torques. LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified World-Class manufacturer of spring-loaded hinges; and our long-established history with top-name spring manufacturers enables us to source standardized and very-complex springs to accommodate any application.

LaDeau’s custom spring-loaded hinges utilize torsion springs, extension springs and compression springs; and they are calculated to ever-so-precisely accommodate any project’s demands, taking into account torque, weight and operating arc. LaDeau can modify length, width, pierce pattern, form, sway, imprint, emboss, trim, notch or lance to cater to any industry – marine, commercial, industrial, aerospace, defense, military or medical.

LaDeau manufactures spring-loaded hinges from steel (all grades), stainless steel, aluminum, zinc-plated steel, brass, copper, alloys & exotics; and DFAR (Defense Federal Acquisition Regulation) Compliant is available. Our spring-loaded finishes range from plated, polished and powder-coated, to anodized, passivated or brushed, and more.

Ladeau’s passion to uphold its uncompromising standards to meet manufacturing excellence remains the hallmark of our company’s mission. That measure of distinction dates back to our founders’ original commitment to apply the exacting MIL-I-45208A standard to all our spring-loaded hinges as well as all other LaDeau parts – military and commercial.

LaDeau Manufacturing – If You Need It, We’ll Have It

At LaDeau Manufacturing, we fabricate a huge selection of spring-loaded hinges, including:

*** Round-corner and square-corner Butt spring hinges
*** Double-acting spring hinges that swing in both directions
*** Invisible spring-hinges
*** Surface-mounted spring-hinges
*** Heavy-duty spring-hinges
*** Double-acting barrel spring hinges
*** Single-acting barrel, regular-action and reverse-action spring-hinges
*** Weld-on spring-hinges – and more!

LaDeau’s Capabilities Meet any Demand

At LaDeau Manufacturing, our primary processes include: 1) automated continuous hinge lines 2) automated assembly 3) punch press stamping and 4) press brake forming. Our secondary processes are vast, and range from bending, forming, shearing and welding to lancing and powder-coating and so much more!

If you have any questions, at all, simply give LaDeau Manufacturing a call – We’ll have the answers!

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