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Thank you for choosing to visit LaDeau Manufacturing!  You can’t afford to settle for anything less than top-tier industrial and aerospace hinges, and LaDeau can’t afford to offer anything less to our Ohio customers!  Our reputation as an industrial and aerospace hinge manufacturer goes beyond our more-than-70-year history – it rests on the dependability of our products to keep our valued Ohio customers 110% satisfied, 100% of the time.  Industrial and aerospace hinges are a cut above the rest due to their extremely demanding roles, and LaDeau’s industrial and aerospace hinges offer unrivaled robustness and preciseness.

LaDeau Manufacturing is backed by a rich history of integrity and principled ideals.  Due to this, our brand identity has, for decades, been coupled with brand loyalty – locally, nationally, and globally.  Customer trust and confidence keep LaDeau positioned as a staunch leader in the industrial and aerospace hinge manufacturing arena.

Being an industrial and aerospace hinge manufacturer means our premier-quality hinges must serve critical roles within a multitude of venues – from oil rigs involved in off-shore drilling, to hinge-dependent blade components for helicopters, to space satellite solar panels, to commercial aircraft components – LaDeau’s industrial and aerospace hinges help to keep operations, of all types, running around the clock.  On land, , in air, under the oceans, in the atmosphere, and within the reaches of the unknown, LaDeau’s role as an industrial and aerospace hinge manufacturer is one of skill and cumulative expertise.

Customization of industrial and aerospace hinges means LaDeau can address any unique need for any industry, at any time.  We serve the needs of Original Equipment Manufacturers as well as other niche clientele in Ohio, and around the world who rely on their hinges being manufactured in a world-class ISO-Certified environment.  Whether your needs demand hinges that are simple or complex, stocked or customized, miniature or heavy-duty, LaDeau Manufacturing will get ‘er done!

LaDeau’s Aerospace Hinges

As mentioned, our brand loyalty has everything to do with patrons who return, time and time again, because they know they can trust the LaDeau name.  LaDeau’s strict quality-control measures align with the aerospace industry’s exhaustive standards. LaDeau’s aerospace hinges are highly specialized to tolerate extreme performance expectations and merciless environments.

A number of our clients are from the aerospace field – distributors and other high-end professionals who present extremely-detailed quality clauses and unusual requests.  Our Mil-Spec hinges and pins – such as MS20257, MS20001, and MS20253 – become, ultimately, destined for aerospace endeavors, with butt hinges, spring-loaded hinges, and continuous/piano hinges commonly utilized for this select market

La Deau’s Industrial Hinges

Industrial hinges, like aerospace hinges, are very specialized designs and not designed for common use.  Military defense equipment, lead-filled radiation doors, nuclear-confinement doors, and industrial test cells, all, use industrial hinges to fill roles that everyday hinges would never tolerate.  Venues that utilize LaDeau’s industrial hinges include agriculture, nuclear medicine, military & defense, medical, electronics, research & development, infrastructure, and much more.

LaDeau’s Customized Industrial and Aerospace Hinges

Being a globally-recognized industrial and aerospace hinge manufacturer means LaDeau has the expertise and technology to cater to your custom designs, on a regular basis –  lengths, widths, hole patterns, forms, and other features can, all, be precisely altered to suit out-of-the-ordinary requirements. You can count on LaDeau’s vast manufacturing arsenal and the versatility of our proprietary Universal tooling system for minimized fabrication time, pin-point accuracy, and noticeable savings.

LaDeau’s Integrity Is Your Assurance

Throughout the decades – since the 1940’s – LaDeau has embraced growth, advanced technologies, and emerging innovations.  One thing, however, has remained absolute: subscribing to our founders’ strict code of commitment to quality and ethics, based on:

*** Integrity – Four cornerstones reflect our entire company – 1)  manufacture precision products 2) offer fair prices 3)  maximize the efficiency of production and delivery without compromising quality and 4) generate transparent relationships with every patron.

*** Expertise – During WWII, our company’s founders worked with the Lockheed Corporation which manufactured a variety of aircraft, including bombers.  Today, Lockheed Martin remains one of the most renowned military facilities on the planet.

The closing of WWII lead to a new era in the aircraft industry – entrepreneurs with various aviation backgrounds were eager to showcase their talents – such, was the case with our company’s founders.  They combined their niche areas of expertise; they seized this new time in history and launched their independent entity, LaDeau Manufacturing.

During the early years, our company focused on the production of aircraft hinge assemblies.  Today, our capabilities serve national and global interests that cater to marine, aerospace, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial and security venues, across the globe.

*** Quality – ISO compliance means our patrons can expect products of the highest caliber.  Our production standards parallel our founders’ original commitment to apply stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial.

*** Capabilities – LaDeau’s stringent quality control means every type of hinge offers unmatched strength, alignment, and even-weight distribution.  A varied array of material and finish options are available – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum. Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating and so much more.  Last, but not least, our talented engineering department is unrivaled.

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Call LaDeau Manufacturing, today, and we will address any inquiries you might have. We look forward to speaking with you regarding any hinge need. Fabricating hinges to meet the world’s operations isn’t just our business, it’s our passion!

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