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Home for Hinges

It’s a well-known fact that each supplier relationship takes time to build and maintain. And even with the assistance of technology, keeping track of each supplier and the parts ordered from them requires monitoring and a careful attention to detail to coordinate the receipt of the right parts at the right time. In the world …
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Music To Their Ears

LaDeau has built our reputation on exceeding our customers’ expectations for precision metal fabrication, and an integral part of accomplishing this hallmark of our company has been the ability of the LaDeau team of professionals to find innovative ways to solve our customers’ unique problems. One such customer brought us their particular challenge, after a …
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Need for Speed

When clients bring LaDeau a situation that needs to be expedited, LaDeau has earned our reputation for making the impossible possible, and we’ve been doing it for over 60 years. Case in point, a manufacturer that supplied the home improvement sector ran into some serious trouble when they finally won their first large contract from …
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Of Prime Importance

After 68 years of serving both the aerospace “primes” and leading aerospace distributors, the team at LaDeau has learned some valuable lessons. Lesson #1 – Our quality must not waver. At LaDeau, we have been committed to unwavering quality since our founding in 1946 by a Lockheed Martin diemaker. Our customers have come to depend …
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