Home for Hinges


It’s a well-known fact that each supplier relationship takes time to build and maintain. And even with the assistance of technology, keeping track of each supplier and the parts ordered from them requires monitoring and a careful attention to detail to coordinate the receipt of the right parts at the right time.

In the world of hinges, time after time and year after year, LaDeau has simplified the challenge of managing and monitoring an important supplier relationship. Primarily this is because LaDeau has the capability to manufacture a greater selection of hinge sizes from a variety of materials than any other comparable company in our industry. What’s more, for over 60 years, LaDeau’s customers have appreciated our commitment to manufacture to exacting standards, and meet or exceed promised delivery dates. In addition, we leverage LaDeau’s years of hinge manufacturing expertise so that we can still price our products competitively.

What does this mean to our customers? They gain the benefit of a simplified supplier management process because most of our customers only need us for all their hinge needs. Plus, our customers get exceptional quality of an almost perfect acceptance rate (99.63%), competitive pricing and dependable delivery. It’s no wonder LaDeau has been our customers #1 home for hinges for over 60 years.