Of Prime Importance


After 68 years of serving both the aerospace “primes” and leading aerospace distributors, the team at LaDeau has learned some valuable lessons.

Lesson #1 – Our quality must not waver.

At LaDeau, we have been committed to unwavering quality since our founding in 1946 by a Lockheed Martin diemaker. Our customers have come to depend on the superior performance of our hinges and pins. This is also why early on LaDeau’s founders insisted upon applying the stringent MIL-I-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts, military and commercial alike. With an acceptance rate of greater than 99.5%, our customers have confirmed our success in exceeding their expectations for quality.

Lesson #2 – Our customers still need speed.

Our customer’s need for unwavering quality does not diminish in any way their concurrent need for fast turnaround. At LaDeau, we have learned to supply hinges and pins of the highest possible quality and simultaneously leverage our industry expertise to deal with the inevitability of time constraints.

This starts with prompt responses to RFQ’s and continues right up until LaDeau’s on time delivery to our customers. One key reason the aerospace primes and distributors keep coming back to LaDeau is because we succeed at meeting their need for speed, without ever sacrificing the quality they have learned to expect from us.

Lesson #3 – Our customers also need value.

Both of these customer requirements of speed and quality need to be met in tandem with real-world economic realities. Budgets do drive business decisions and LaDeau has learned how to leverage our years of experience to provide the utmost value to our customers in both aerospace and commercial industries alike.

Price per unit is a key component of any budget, and our expertise with both processes and materials equips LaDeau’s team to furnish our customers with the most affordable, end-to-end costs in the industries we serve.

LaDeau’s aerospace industry customers have come to expect a lot from the knowledge and experience we have gained over the past 68 years. We are proud to have earned our customer’s confidence that LaDeau will supply them with hinges and pins of unwavering quality, LaDeau will deliver these on time, and moreover, LaDeau will do all this at a price that provides excellent value for our customer’s budget.