Types of Mil-Spec Hinges

Mil-Spec hinges include a variety of butt, continuous, and specialty hinges designed by the United States Department of Defense to be tremendously strong, consistent, and reliable. Mil-spec hinges have much more rigorous restrictions on type and source of material, manufacturing tolerances, and other important criteria. The designs and specifications of these ultra-precise mil-spec hinges were released to the public, and as such, not only aerospace and defense professionals choose mil-spec hinges. Many industrial and commercial customers choose mil-spec hinges for their applications, due to their superior performance, and relatively low cost, as compared to other commercial continuous hinges. Mil-spec hinges are often a better value.

The most popular types of Mil-Spec hinges are the Mil-Spec continuous/piano hinges; MS20257 hinges, MS20001 hinges, A-A-55589 hinges, A-A-55590 hinges, A-A-55591 hinges, A-A-55592 hinges, A-A-55593 hinges, A-A-55594 hinges, A-A-55595 hinges, A-A-55596 hinges, MS35821 hinges, MS35822 hinges, MS35823 hinges, MS35824 hinges, MS35825 hinges, MS35826 hinges, MS35827 hinges, MS35828 hinges, MS35829 hinges, MS35830 hinges, and MS35831 hinges. LaDeau Manufacturing supplies all of these mil-spec hinges.


MS20257 hinges are manufactured by LaDeau Manufacturing in the USA, and made from USA-origin 5052-H34 aluminum, and 304 2B Stainless Steel, in order to guarantee the ultimate in performance, reliability, and to ensure the utmost of consistency and integrity of the entirety of its supply chain. The thinnest MS20257 hinges are the MS20257-1, and MS20257C1, which are made from .032” (0.81 mm) thick Aluminum and Stainless Steel, and are 0.750” (19 mm) wide. Thickness and width increase sequentially with the MS20257-2, MS20257-3, MS20257-4, and MS20257-5 series. The thickest MS20257 hinges are the MS20257-6, and MS20257C6 hinges, which are made from .062” (1.57 mm) Aluminum and Stainless Steel, and are 2.00” (50.8 mm) wide. All MS20257 are stocked in 72.00” (1828.8 mm) lengths, and available at any custom length you require, here at LaDeau Manufacturing.


MS20001 hinges are also manufactured in the USA, and from USA-origin 2024-T3511 Aluminum alloy, or 7075-T73511 alloy extrusions. Unlike traditional metal-stamped hinges, the MS20001 is machined from aluminum extrusions. Also stocked in lengths of 72.00” (1828.8 mm), the thinnest MS20001 hinge is the MS20001-2 series, which is 0.050” (1.42 mm) thick and has an open width of 1.0625” (26.97 mm). The hinges get thicker and wider, and you progress through the MS20001-3, MS20001-4, MS20001-5, MS20001-6, MS20001-8, MS20001-9, MS20001-10, MS20001-12, and MS20001-14 series. The thickest MS20001 hinge available is the MS20001-16 series, which is 0.203” (5.15 mm) thick, and has an open width of 3.94” (100.0 mm). All lengths, and other customizations are available from LaDeau Manufacturing.


The A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 series of hinges are also manufactured by LaDeau, and are available in a greater range of sizes and materials than the MS20257 continuous hinges. A-A-555 series hinges are available in 5052-H34 Aluminum, 268 Half Hard Brass, 304 2B Stainless Steel, and Cold Rolled Steel. All Stainless Steel A-A-555 hinges are Passivated, and additional finishes available include Chem Film (Chemical Conversion) coating on Aluminum, Zinc Plate or Cad Plate on Steel. A-A-555 hinges range in size from very thin, to extremely thick and wide, bookended by the A-A-55589-6 (0.032” (0.81 mm) thick and 0.750” (19 mm) wide) and the A-A-55596-8 (0.125” (3.18 mm) thick and 6.000 “ (152.4 mm) wide) at the extremes. Stocked in 72” (1828.8 mm) and longer lengths, A-A-555 hinges are also available at custom lengths, widths, with forms, holes, and all manner of customization for your application.


The specifications and variety available of MS35821 – MS35831 hinges are extremely similar to the A-A-555 mil-spec hinges. They are technically very similar, and are also available from LaDeau in every configuration your application demands.

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