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Continuous hinges are synonymous with piano hinges, whose original use was to support the weight of heavy piano lids – hence the name. The ‘piano hinge’ term evolved in some circles to ‘continuous hinge’ to more appropriately reflect the myriad of uses that piano/continuous hinges offer.

Continuous hinges can be embedded onto doors for panels, military vehicles, warehouses, machines, aircraft, and so much more. To offer maximized strength and durability, continuous hinges can run the entire length of the object to which they are attached.

Ladeau Manufacturing – Continuous Hinges – Serving the United Kingdom

California-based LaDeau Manufacturing is ‘all things hinges’, where more than 70 years of dedicated service to consumers, world-wide, has been the hallmark of LaDeau’s continued success. Since 1946, our company has fabricated multi-millions of meters of continuous-hinge designs, including the very-exacting Mil-Spec continuous hinges.

LaDeau Manufacturing embraces cutting-edge technologies, which means our UK clientele is assured of top-tier quality and performance regarding their continuous hinge requirements. Our Universal Press technology, for example, means LaDeau can reduce fabrication time, minimize down-time, optimize repeatability, and create pin-point accuracy.

All of LaDeau’s continuous hinges are manufactured via the identical equipment used to fabricate the precise MS20257 Mil-Spec hinges, which aerospace and defense manufacturers have trusted and relied on for more than 70 years. LaDeau’s Mil-Spec continuous hinges are made to align with the demanding MS20257, MS20001, MS35821 and A-A-55596 specifications. Our UK customers have access to 72” stock at all times, and can choose from a variety of materials and finishes, as well as any cut-to-length order. Original equipment manufacturers world-wide have very challenging continuous hinge needs; and LaDeau Manufacturing continues to meet those demands with unsurpassed quality and efficiency.


LaDeau’s Continuous Hinges – Made in the USA

LaDeau’s aluminum continuous hinges are fabricated in the USA from US-sourced 5052-H34 aluminum, and manufactured in an ISO-Certified environment. Our UK consumers can be assured of continuous hinge products that reflect our level of pride and expertise – LaDeau’s continuous hinges, truly, are of the highest quality and remain the most durable, metal-stamped hinges in the world! Choose from 0.008” (0.2mm) thin to 0.186” (4.72mm) thick in aluminum, stainless steel, steel, brass, and other specialty materials.

Ladeau’s stainless steel continuous hinges are manufactured from high-quality American-origin 304 2B stainless steel. To comprehensively meet your needs, various configurations are available, where length, width, holes, forms, shapes, and more can be easily customized. Stainless steel continuous hinges feature a Mill finish and a removable pin by default; but pin retention is an option.

Ladeua’s steel piano hinges are, also, made in the USA from cold-rolled steel. A number of sizes are available; and customization is our specialty, right down to the hinge pin!

Need continuous hinges that are highly specialized? – No problem! Ladeau can manufacture continuous hinges, or unassembled hinge halves, with or without holes, with a free or secured pin, and with or without finishing. Whether you require standard continuous hinges, customized hinges, or Certified Mil-Spec continuous hinges, LaDeau Manufacturing will punch, form, offset, notch, countersink, finish and plate according to your exact specifications. Regardless of your design or desire, if you can imagine it, LaDeau Manufacturing can create it!

Ladeau Manufacturing – Recognized World-wide

A multitude of highly-specialized industries, by necessity, demand the utmost precision and dependability regarding continuous hinge applications; and marine, commercial, aerospace, industrial, defense, military and medical entities recognize and respect LaDeau as an ISO-9001:2015 certified manufacturer. Our company’s commitment to quality is a continuation of our founders’ original mission: to apply the precise MIL-I-45208A standard to all our continuous hinges as well as all other LaDeau parts – military and commercial.

As a globally-recognized leader in hinge manufacturing, we meet the needs of our diverse customer base – industrial, aerospace, commercial and defense arenas, the world over!

If you have any questions concerning your continuous hinge needs, give LaDeau Manufacturing a call, or shoot us an email!

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