United Kingdom Piano Hinge Manufacturer

Piano hinges and continuous hinges are different labels for the same item – noticeably longer-length hinges that offer impressive strength and endurance. From piano lids to livestock gates to solar panels on satellites, it is piano hinges – whether 2 meters in length or more – which are used throughout the world, as well as out of this world!

LaDeau Manufacturing – Proudly Serving the United Kingdom

Pride and passion are what drive LaDeau Manufacturing; and when it comes to continuous hinge production, our United Kingdom clientele can be assured of unequaled excellence. Our continuous hinges are fabricated from premium-quality aluminum, stainless steel, and steel, utilizing the same equipment that manufactures the very-exacting MS20257 Mil-Spec hinges.

Our expertise, which spans more than 70 years, is what aircraft manufacturers and Original Equipment manufacturers the world over, depend on. LaDeau’s cold-rolled steel Mil-Spec piano hinges are created in an ISO-Certified environment; and our United Kingdom customers will not find a more substantial, more robust metal-stamped piano hinge, anywhere!

LaDeau’s Mil-Spec piano hinges conform to exclusive MS20257, MS20001, MS35821 – MS35831 and A-A-55589 through A-A-55596 specifications. Stock is always available in 72” lengths in varied materials and finishes, and can always be cut to order. Basic piano hinges and customized piano hinges are available to meet any common or highly-specialized need; and lengths, widths, hole patterns, forms, and other detailing can be created with ease. Thanks to advancements in technology, LaDeau Manufacturing offers our UK clients minimized production time and down-time, as well as maximized repeatability and laser-focused accuracy.


LaDeau Manufacturing – A Global Leader

LaDeau Manufacturing is recognized as a world-leader in piano hinge fabrication. The three main reasons for that are crucial:

*** Expertise – During WWII, the founders of LaDeau Manufacturing helped the war effort by serving at Lockheed Corporation. Once the war ended, LaDeau Manufacturing pursued its passion in the aircraft industry; and hinge assemblies for post-war aircraft became the company’s specialty. Today, marine, aerospace, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial and security venues, situated throughout the world, rely on LaDeau’s ongoing commitment to excellence.

*** Quality – LaDeau’s compliance to ISO guidelines is our assurance to our UK clientele that the quality of each and every product is unmatched. Our founders’ original commitment to apply stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial – remains our promise, to this day. LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified World-Class hinge manufacturer with a 99.8% quality acceptance rate. We are also independently certified by a number of aerospace clientele.

*** Capabilities – When our customers request piano hinges that must serve ‘out-of-the-ordinary’ applications, those customization requests are easily achieved – bends, non-traditional hole diameters, dissimilar-sized hinge lengths & widths, and unique combinations & configurations are all in a day’s work. Be assured that LaDeau’s customized piano hinges will offer top-tier strength, alignment, and even weight distribution. And, as always, our UK clientele can choose from a variety of of material and finish options – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum. Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating, and so much more!

LaDeau will continue to commit itself to fully meeting the needs of our diverse customer base – industrial, aerospace, commercial, and defense – with more than 70 years, and going strong!

When it comes to piano hinges –

~ If you need it, we’ll have it! ~