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You have reached LaDeau Manufacturing, and we welcome you!  The LaDeau name is proudly associated with fabricating hinges of all types, including those that are highly customized for unusual applications of our Wisconsin customer base.  We cater to a vast consumer base locally, nationally, and globally.

Industrial and Aerospace hinges are of particular interest for our technicians at LaDeau since these types of hinges play strategic roles in fascinating projects such as space travel and covert military aircraft.  LaDeau’s Industrial and Aerospace hinges are built tough and must withstand the most extreme applications. They are manufactured in the USA, and in an ISO-Certified environment which generates unquestioned quality-assurance.  From simple or complex, stocked or customized, or miniature or heavy-duty, LaDeau offers Industrial and Aerospace hinges with a name that covers more than 7 decades, to our Wisconsin customers.


Our Integrity is Unquestioned

There is a saying:  With integrity, you have nothing to fear, since you have nothing to hide.  At LaDeau, those words of truth permeate every stratum of our company – from taking phone/email orders to quality-control measures to standing behind our promises.  The cornerstone of our success goes beyond our quality products – it involves something that cannot be measured with money: our sincerity, transparency, and ethics.  The core principles that drive our passion for manufacturing Industrial and Aerospace hinges include: 1) delivering a high-product quality 2) remaining competitive with price-points 3)  providing maximized efficiency with production & delivery and 4) catering to every customer’s requests and requirements, down to the smallest detail.

LaDeau’s Aerospace Hinges

Many of our clientele are space-industry professionals who present exhaustive quality clauses.  Our Mil-Spec hinges and pins – such as MS20257, MS20001, and MS20253 – often become, ultimately, destined for aerospace endeavors and can include butt hinges, spring-loaded, and continuous/piano hinge designs which serve commercial and military applications – from drones and commercial jets to weather satellites and next-generation nano-technologies. These Mil-Spec piano hinges have begun to be utilized by all industries, due to their superior design, and comparatively low cost.

LaDeau’s Industrial Hinges

LaDeau’s Industrial hinges are intended for specialized applications, too.  Industrial hinges must withstand conditions where hinge strength and endurance are so robust they go beyond everyday applications.  For example, some industrial-grade gate hinges are rated up to 3,000 pounds while other Industrial hinges are embedded in heavy, steel-lined military vehicles.  Other types of Industrial hinges are 3-hour fire rated while others are critical components in freeway viaducts that must hold up to extreme pressure. Medical, military, electronics, agriculture, marine, and construction venues rely on LaDeau’s Industrial hinges to operate with predictable dependability and incredible strength.

LaDeau’s Customized Industrial and Aerospace Hinges

Frequently, Industrial and Aerospace hinges must be customized, down to the smallest detail – lengths, widths, hole patterns, forms, and other features can be effortlessly modified to meet any unique request. Thanks to LaDeau’s manufacturing arsenal and the versatility of our proprietary Universal tooling system, our consumers can requisition any type of modification, for any type of hinge, for any type of use. And since we proudly manufacture in the USA, we’re able to supply our Wisconsin customers reliably, and quickly.

LaDeau’s Success is in the Details

LaDeau’s continued success will forge ahead due to four main components:

***  Our Integrity – At LaDeau Manufacturing, our passion stands behind:  1) the precision of our products 2) our competitive pricing 3) the efficiency of production and delivery and 4) how we personalize relationships with all of our consumers.  There is no room for compromise in any aspect of our operations.

*** Our Expertise – During WWII, our company’s founders were employed with the Lockheed Corporation, which manufactured bombers and other aircraft.  Today, the Lockheed Martin Corporation remains one of the most prestigious military facilities in the world.

After the war, the aircraft industry was ready to embrace emerging technologies.  Our founders had the foresight to capitalize on the timing. As a result, their vision came to fruition and LaDeau Manufacturing was born.

During the early years, LaDeau Manufacturing focused on the production of aircraft hinge assemblies.  Today, LaDeau Manufacturing serves Wisconsin, as well as national and global interests that cater to marine, aerospace, military, industrial, agricultural, commercial, medical and security needs.

*** Our Quality – ISO compliance means our patrons can expect products of the highest caliber.  Our current production standards parallel our founders’ original commitment to apply stringent MIL-l-45208A standard to all LaDeau parts – military and commercial.

LaDeau Manufacturing is an ISO-9001:2015 certified world-class hinge manufacturer, and we are proud of our more-than-99.8%  consumer-acceptance rate. We are, also, independently certified by a variety of aerospace entities.

***  Our Capabilities – LaDeau Manufacturing adheres to comprehensive quality-control measures which ensures the highest-caliber product.  As a result, our hinges offer top-tier strength, alignment, and even-weight distribution. A varied array of material and finish options are available – steel, stainless steel, stamped aluminum, or extruded aluminum.  Our primary and secondary processes range from press brake forming to welding to plating and so much more.

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